Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Dallin

Happy 2nd Birthday Dallin!!!!!!
Can't wait to celebrate with you in another week and Cameron can't wait to play with his "buddy," in five days! Hope you have a great day!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cameron loves swimming lessons and we have to take a break because of t-ball! I love watching him he tries so hard to remember to breath, kick his feet, pull his arms back in just the right way that he can take a longer's like trying to pat your head and rub your tummy all at the same time--exhausting!

Cameron is suppose to be holding on the wall when his teacher is not close by....he listens to her about as well as he listens to me!!! He did learn a cool new trick though!


I'm sooooo tired of the cough as I'm sure Cameron is too!!!! He has been coughing since before Christmas...that's 101 days and counting! In the past 101 days he has had 2 ear infections, strep throat, been diagnosed with asthma (only cold related it will go away), he has been on 3 different antibiotics, 2 inhalers (one with steroids and one without), he has had blood drawn and a chest x-ray and GUESS WHAT???? They don't know why he is still coughing....he has been a really trooper and hates HATES the inhaler which he has to do 3x per day!

I was telling Uncle Steve about the steroid inhaler, "man, he is workouts would go a lot smoother if I had a steroid inhaler!" I told him he could sneak a puff or two when we are there next week! Am I promoting drug use????

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Sidewinders

Cameron had his first T-ball practice tonight...he did a great job and had a fabulous attitude!!!! There are 10 boys on the team and Cameron is the tallest...I asked him what his favorite part was and he said, "the batting and the catching!" Well duh???

The Coach asked Cameron to catch and he was so excited to put on the gear!

Cameron is a lefty....however, he bats and throws right-handed!
Switch Hitter???
I'm really excited for him to try out different sports and see which one he far soccer and swimming have been a huge hit!!!!


These Circle K ladies must think I'm a whack job! Let me start off by saying I woke up an hour and half later than I wanted to, I realized I had forgotten to make lunches last night, Cameron wanted to argue and while I was warming up my car I realized I had not brushed my teeth!! Just wait it gets better...........even though I'm late I stop by the Circle K (I feel entitled this morning because I have not been there all week) to get my Caffeine Free Diet Coke. Picture this....I grab my 32 oz cup, fill 1/4 of the cup with ice and while filling my cup I glance down and notice I have 2 different shoes on my feet...WHAT???? Then I glance over and I swear the Circle K lady came out from behind the counter and looked at my shoes. Am I paranoid or did she really notice that I have 1 brown shoe on and 1 black shoe??? YOU HEARD ME 1 BROWN AND 1 BLACK!!! So, I throw the money quickly on the counter and turn around to jet for the door.
Circle K Lady: Where is your punch card?
Me: Oh, I forgot it at home (at this point I'm already half way to the door)
Circle K Lady: Do you want a new one?
Me: Oh No, I'm in a hurry!! (I'm headed out the door)
Circle K Lady: I'll get you double next time!
By the time I'm finally in the safety of my car I'm laughing so hard I'm crying and YES, I went home to change...what a day!!!!

Just went to the bathroom and my zipper was down....oh my!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Give me that fry!

On Saturday we went to Cameron's favorite restaurant...Red Robin! Do you know why it's his favorite???

Because they have all you can eat fries!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I hate eggs and I hate cats!

He loves eggs and he loves cats!!!
How are we ever going to manage???

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cupid arrow straight to the heart

Cameron: Mom, I'm in love with you!
Mom: I'm in love with you too!
Cameron: You are?
Mom: Yes!
Cameron: I love it!

Later that night as I was tucking him into bed...

Cameron: Mom, you shot me in the heart with an arrow...I love you!

dot com

I was on the computer the other night and Cameron comes in and wants to go to (he thinks that if you put in something dot com that it will take you to that subject ie. or So, he climbed up in my lap to surf the web. This is how far we got before he got frustrated....,, (mom, that's not a bee it's honey), (WHAT!!! I want to see about flies), (Mom, you spelled butterfly wrong) he got frustrated and waked away when a website about golfing popped up. Got to love technology!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Jumping Sack

Note to self: Clean up memory card so you can record a whole event

Cameron is doing fantastic in school and loves to read...matter of fact he corrects me sometimes! Cameron: "Mom, don't put an 's' on the end of the word it does not have one!" Now that's a little embarrassing!!!! He is the best ever!!!!

Happy Birthday Klowsey

Today is Aunt Kelsey's birthday...ohhhh the big 20!!! We got to hang out over the weekend and can't wait to see her again this week!!! Love you!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

He's killing me

Today at lunch Cameron prayed that Heavenly Father would make the rain stop and that the sun would come out. The sun did come out so when we got home from church Cameron went outside to play. After dinner Cameron went back out to play and then when the rain started again he came back in saying, "Heavenly Father's killing me...I was waiting for it to stop raining and he made it start again!" 

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Celebrations Continue

Keith turned the big 21 this week...I remember when I was 13 and my parents told me they were having another baby...WHAT??? I hate to admit this but I was so embarrassed of our big family. Whenever we were out in public I would walk yards in front of the family and pretend like I was not with them...then my dad would holler out, "that's my oldest daughter up there and these are ALL of her siblings...she's embarrassed walk with us!!!" How embarrassing!!! Then my mom informs me that she will be having the 'brat' in March---hello that's my month! The biggest doozer was on my 14th birthday my mom told me that she thought she was going into labor. I'm not sure exactly what I said to her that day but I'm sure it was not nice...she held out for exactly 7 days! Look how cute he is....our family would not be complete without Keith and I'm happy to share my month with him!

Gary and Mom took us out for our birthdays to the Japanese Steak House...yummy!

When Christi graduated from High School we all came soon as the flame went up Cameron ran for the door and would not stay and eat. So, we went home!! I was a little worried how he would react tonight. When we sat down I warned him what was going to happen and he did get anxious and made a plan to stand way across the room...but by the end he was asking for more fire!!!!

Cameron struggles to smile normal...he tries way too hard!

It only took four takes to get this picture...I just love him!!!!

A birthday night would not be complete without an embarrassing birthday song done Japanese style!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Lion King

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me (you guys thought I was done, uh?) Happy Birthday Dear Mandy, Happy Birthday to Me!!!! Hey look, I bought myself a birthday present...Ok, not really it just happened to be real close to my birthday and I wanted a chance to mention it!!!
This is an amazing play...a must see!!!

My friend Nita and I met downtown, shopped and then ate at the Cheese Cake was great to visit and laugh. This picture is very blurry; the first lady we stopped to take our picture was old and could not see--she seemed frustrated that I bothered her. Then the next guy was no better...this was the best shot out of 5. Who picked these people???

I found these pictures on the Internet...I was amazed how they made the animals come alive through costume...there were huge elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, tigers, birds, gazelles and many was awesome!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Houston we have a problem!!!

and that was my free drink today 8 and the 9th is free!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My name is Mandy Jones

You can often find me at the local Circle K store roughly 4 days out of the week. I love fountain drinks and since giving up caffeine (Diet Pepsi...oh, how I miss you!) a year and a half ago I've found a new favorite...caffeine free Diet Coke (most of you are thinking what's the point?) and they have it on tap there! Today, even though I was running late I made my morning stop. After filling up my 32 oz. cup I made my way to the counter and here is how the conversation went:

Circle K Lady: Good Morning!
Me: Good Morning!
Circle K Lady: You're not on your phone?
Me: Uh?
Circle K Lady: Every morning you're on your phone.
Me: (at this point I'm thinking of all the embarrassing things they know about me and have heard me say...oh my!)
Me: Oh you're right...that's funny....believe it or not I have not used it yet today!
Circle K Lady: We refer to you as the phone lady around here.
Me: Wow, that's sad!!! (trying not to laugh too hard) Well, my name is Mandy Jones.
Circle K Lady: Good, now we can call you Mandy the phone lady!!!

I'm still laughing so hard it hurts!!! What I have a nickname at the local convenience store??? What has my life turned into?????? I guess it could be a whole lot worse! I'm going to make it a point to never be on my phone again in that store...ever! So, if we are talking and I pull in please don't think I'm being rude when I abruptly hang up on you.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


We talked to Kensie yesterday and she was going to go swimming outside...not around here; get out your parka because it's the big 33 degrees and it's snowing! Ugh!!! I'm tired of the cold...brrrr! Cameron is bouncing around the house singing, "I hope school is cancelled tomorrow and your work, I hope school is cancelled, keep snowing, keep snowing!" It sure did not take him long to figure out that when it snows we usually don't have school!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pay it forward...

I got this from my friend Jamie's blog and thought it was a neat idea...Pay it Forward...the first three people to leave a comment on this post will receive, at some point during the year, some homemade goodies from me. What it will be and when it will arrive is a total surprise! The catch is that you must participate as well. Before you leave your comment, write up a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going. Then sit back and anticipate the arrival of your goodies! Please submit in an e-mail or on the comment, your address, if I don't have it already. Remember that only the first three comments will receive a gift from me, so be quick!
Have fun!

Sushi, Smiles, STRIKE

Any excuse to get together with friends is fine by me!!! Any excuse to have another celebration for my birthday is even better!!! Some friends and I gathered at my favorite place and gorged on sushi...yummy!
Alana & Adam

Jeff , what are you looking at...the camera is over here?

Sarah, Sarah, Trish & Kimmy

Here is my last piece of "no-calorie" cake...I only had 3 pieces this week...YIKES!

This sight makes you quickly lose your appetite!

Big DORKS!!!

The Lewis Family

We're on odd bunch!

The night is not complete without a rousing round of bowling

Who's going to win?

Yes, I picked the ball because it matched my outfit...I'm so VAIN! The shoes do not do my outfit was cute till I put the clown shoes on!

I forgot how competitive I can be...I LOST!!! I guess those 2 semesters of bowling I took in college did not pay off...but they sure were fun!!!

My birthday week is coming to a close...I should extend till Wednesday but I'm thinking you all are sick and tired of hearing about it...till next year!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Look what I got today

I have some pretty fabulous sisters...when we get together it's a riot...sometimes! Teri is over the top creative she makes some of the best gifts ever...take a look! Cards with my monogram!!!! She also sent a funky metal bookmark (Teri that's what it was right?) that she attached beads too. Thanks Teri for thinking of me!!! I love em'!

Another side note: I need to apologize to Steve!!! I posted my blog entry from last night and not 20 minutes later Steve, Jamie & Kensie called me!! Brother I love you and thanks for thinking of me on my day!!!! The even funnier part is he reminded Teri to call (ok, she was one of my 41 shout outs on Facebook!) Gotta love it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's's here!!!

Have you heard how much I love my birthday??? Well, it's a pretty amazing day! Here is what happened today...first you must read your birthday horoscope: "Your creative impulses are very strong this year, and if you haven't already, you may very well get in touch with the artist in you! You may find that your mind (and perhaps speech!) races frequently. It's an especially strong period in your life for enterprise and personal opportunities, as well as interpersonal relationships. Relationships are warm, friendly, and beneficial this year." Hmmm...nothing too exciting! Then you just enjoy the day with no expectations...let me tell you that's hard! And of course end the day with a yummy meal somewhere (Cameron and I went to Red Robin--he picked it). Today I received a lot of love from family and friends (ok, mostly friends). My dad was the first to call me at 7:05 am and the phone, email, and texts have been buzzing ever since. Here is the tally so far (I just counted them for blogging purposes only):
Phone Calls: 6
Text messages: 11
Emails: 5
Facebook shout outs: 41
Birthday Cards: 3 (thank you DeDe)
Wow, I'm feeling the love! All in all it was not a bad day! Just think there is still 3 more days left to celebrate this week!!!
Just a few side notes: if my future husband is reading this...I want you to celebrate my birthday like my cousin Hannah...see here!!!! Oh yea let's not forget this brother Steve's birthday was last month and I sent him a text. He did not ever reply so I called him 2 days later to see how his day was and to make sure he got the text. He informed me that texting 'happy birthday' is very impersonal and he now knows how it feels and he won't be texting anyone on their birthday...he'll call instead. Hey, Steve you totally forgot to call me...a simple text would have been nice!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The fun continues...

If Dr. Seuss can spread his birthday out all week long so can I! Today Cameron's class celebrated again and had Green Eggs and Ham at school. He wanted it again for dinner...YUCK!

I work in the schools and love it when the kids bring treats to share with their friends. Some of you might think that only Elementary kids do this...NOPE...middle school and even the high school kids. Unfortunately, the high school kids want their parents to bring in pizza or subs for their friends...some parents actually do it! Well, I thought it would be fun to bake cake shaped cookies and take them to work tomorrow to share with my groups!

and then my friend Jen stopped by and gave me a present...I was shocked!!! She did read my pity party entry earlier in the week...boy, do I feel stupid! I guess it pays to! Look at the cool bracelet and earrings that she made me. I have several of her pieces and just love should check out her website Thanks Jen that really meant a lot and I love having you as a friend too!!!!

OH BOY, tomorrow is the big day!!!!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Surprise Surprise!!!!

Well, my birthday week sure is starting out with a BANG (and to think these friend's hadn't read my blog to know I was complaining earlier)!!! On Saturday I got a text from my friend Shelly who asked if Cameron & I wanted to come over and play Wii Monday night...that sounded like fun so after swim lessons we headed over. Well, look at what I walked right in on...

Something you may or may not know about me is I hate surprises...I can't stand it!!! If you know something and won't tell me I go crazy...but when you catch me off guard it's a pretty cool thing!

Does the calories in this cake count??? Not this week!

and presents to boot

of course we had to play Wii...Cameron and I boxed (stay tuned for upcoming videos) and we also bowled!!!

Thanks Shelly, Amy, Dean C., & Dean B. you guys GOT ME GOOD!!!!!