Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Jammie time

Not sure how or when this tradition started but I've been buying Cameron christmas jammies for several years now. He opens them up on Christmas eve and then usually will wear them the whole next day. When the cousins came along we thought matching jammies would be great!

Here they are in 2007


oops bought them a little too small


oops way, way, way too big!!!

I can't wait to see what jammies they'll be wearing when their 16 and 13!!!!
Dallin you need to talk your parents into coming to Seattle for Christmas again....we miss you!

It's been 8 years

Today I celebrate 8 years of recovery!!! Where has the time gone? When my birthday gets close I do a lot of reflecting of where I came from and what's going on now...some days I want someone to pinch me how did life ever get this good? Being sober rocks....sobriety still has trials but I'll take sober trials any day!!!! I'm so grateful to be sober, to have a relationship with my family, to have a son who is the highlight of most (lol) of my days, to own a home, to have a job, to have a relationship with my higher power which I wouldn't trade for anything, to have friends who love him, to have peace in my heart and (even tho a few of you don't agree) to have Jimmy in my life! I'm looking forward to what this next year has in store and I know as long as I stay sober anything is possible!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Girl's Must Haves

You got to check this out!!! It's my new blog A Girl's Must Haves!!! I was selling for my sister-in-law but decided to venture out on my own. So far so good!!!! This is how it works you can either buy directly from my blog via Paypal or you can have a party and earn free stuff, it's that easy!! I've got some great bags, fun scarves awesome wallets and I'm sure I'll find more!!! Let me know what you think?
Do you want to have a party????

Merry Christmas from the Watson's

I came home to some delicious home baked goods and a lawn mower.....so excited!!!! Thank you Watson's!

Hey Rich----ummm.....the bow was a nice added touch but it would of been fabulous if my lawn was mowed too!!!!

Lights, lights and more lights

Last night we headed out to look at Christmas lights....since there were so many of us and driving in 2 cars wouldn't be as fun, we decided to grab some hot chocolate and walk.

Cameron and Kensie are so happy to be together (we had a slumber party at my house but I forgot to take pictures) and they are getting a long great!

The lights in this neighborhood are amazing!!!!

We had a great time!!! I'm finally on Christmas Break and so excited to spend the next 12 glorious days with Family and Friends!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I love my G&G Jones

I was facebook stalking the other day and came across this picture that my Aunt Sheri had uploaded!!! These two are the greatest Grandparents ever!!!! I can't help but smile every time I look at this picture and it's been a lot in the last few days! I've been so blessed to have them in my life, they've been great examples, I have such fond memories, they've raised fantastic aunts and uncles, and I have a pretty cool dad. I just wish they lived closer!!!!! G&G I sure do love you!!!!!!!!

White elephant tears

Yesterday at one of my schools we had an elephant exchange....the rules were it needed to be something from home that you no longer use. While people were opening their gifts I couldn't believe that some people kept this stuff around.....there was a plastic fish tank you mount to a wall, a cat painting that someone actually bid on at an auction not realizing it was a cat, a movie about Santa and aliens, fruit cake, old mugs, stinky lotion and many more.

I was the 27th person to pick so I was keeping my eye out for something that looked fun for Cameron and I and then I spotted the violin. It plays 8 Christmas tunes, comes with a bow and a small stand, it can play on it's own or you can play it with the bow. It reminds me of those annoying plush things that make music or talk when you push the button....Cameron loves those things!!!!

It's my turn to pick and I steal the violin....it's been sitting there since person #5 drew so I thought I was safe. As I sat there daydreaming about Cameron and I playing with it someone stole it from me. It's a white elephant party and that's suppose to happen but my reaction was priceless......................................I started to cry!!!!

I was so embarrassed, I couldn't believe I was crying over a dumb and I mean dumb white elephant crap present. I tried to cover it up with laughter but this emotion shocked not only me but the other 30 people in the room. The teacher tried to give it back but I said No and picked another gift.

I picked a 1983 Seahawks puzzle that comes in a Olympia beer tube (like the Tootsie roll tubes)....Sharon and Nick will be the lucky owners of that real soon! I was happy with my pick and sat back down. The little violin got stolen again from the thief who stole it from me and then at the end of the party it was given to me....ahhhhhh!!!!

Here is Cameron playing with it.....he played with it till he went to bed last night, then he got up this morning and played with it, we had a sing-a-long on the way to Grandma's and he was so excited to show her too!!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shop with a cop: Cameron made the news

Shop with a cop: 'My best Christmas ever' |
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For those that know me your going to DIE of shock!!!!

I had some potatoes on the counter that needed to be eaten quick or they were going to have to be thrown away so I decided to fry them up for lunch. Then I was thinking what could I add to my lunch?????? Eggs???

As a toddler my parents would feed me eggs and I would instantly throw them up. My parents kept trying and each time up they came.....I've never liked eggs; the smell, the look, nothing about them looks appetizing. I'm dang near 36 and have never ever ever fed myself eggs. Well, today sounded like a good day to try some...huh??? So, I scrambled 2 eggs, dumped some cheese on them and some catsup and gave it a taste..........nothing special....they taste just like they smell! I was impressed they stayed down. Not sure I'll eat them again anytime soon but at least I can say I tried! WEIRD!

Shop with a Cop

A counselor friend and I were talking a couple of weeks back and she asked me if I'd be interested in attending Shop with a Cop which is held in Kent each year. I told her sure....it's an opportunity for kids to have positive interactions with police officers and the kids each get $50 to spend anyway they want. So, this morning we headed to the Covington Walmart where there were hordes of kids and a ton of police officers, marshals and state patrol. On the way there Cameron had told me that we was going to buy something for his mom, cousin Kensie and himself. Once we got there the plan changed and he wanted to only get things for himself (sorry Kensie).

Here he is with Officer ??? (horrible I can't remember his name now) and 2 other little boys.

The officers all shopped with the kids and let them pick out anything they wanted. Cameron of course wanted a new DS game, 3 pack Pokemon set and a new Bakugan. Grand total $49.97!

What a fun morning!!! I was so impressed with Cameron.....he had his stuff picked out really quick and one of the little boys that was with us was very slow at choosing but Cameron patiently waited for 30 minutes. Wow, I'm loving this!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twilight.....Mormon style!!!!

Twilight Years from Tom on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Secret Elf

See the train under the tree??? That is Cameron's advent train. In each drawer there is a Hershey Kiss that he pulls out every morning....we got this train from my dad and step mom a couple of years ago and Cameron loves it!!!! Well, last year a little elf started visiting and every once in awhile will leave a little gift. He's back!!!!!!

Cameron was sooooo excited when he saw a gingerbread train under the tree and of course had to put it together right then.

The train is much better than the house because the house you have to wait 4 hours for the frosting to dry before you can decorate....way too long for a kid to have to wait.

Now all he talks about is wanting to eat it!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

while I sit here typing I'm still in awe.....

I went to pick Cameron up from my mom's today and told him we were going to go grab something to eat and head to a meeting....he didn't want to go to the meeting and wanted to stay with my mom. I started to argue with him (that's one thing I do well) but then got up and said I'm leaving let's go....not even 1 min later he had his shoes and backpack on and was headed towards the door. Then we went to Taco Time and usually when we go out Cameron is never in his seat, usually all over the floor, never listens, dominates conversation and to be honest it's not very fun. I spend most of the time nagging at him to straighten up, get off the floor, stop this and stop that. But tonight Cameron and I sat and talked (a real back and forth conversations) for over 45 min. he never left his chair, ate his food and was an absolute JOY!!!!! I didn't want to leave the restaurant we were having such a great time.

Needed a little something more.....

I was blog surfing yesterday and came across a friend of my sister's blog (you gotta check it out) she does some really cool things....anyways I got an idea to add some balls to my mantel. What do you think???

RX day three

Hallelujah is was another successful day!!!! This is our routine the last 2 days:
  1. Cameron comes into my room and crawls into my bed
  2. I get up, get a cup of ice water (the special blue one with stripes) and a straw
  3. I crawl back into bed and put 2 pillows behind Cameron so he can sit up
  4. He drinks half of the water
  5. I place the pill on his tongue
  6. He drinks his water, swishes it around and down the pill goes
  7. Then he smiles real big, "I did it" and then requests a piece of chocolate :D

My friend Nancy who walks Cameron to school a couple days a week for me called me this am; she said she can tell the RX is working, "every time I walk to school I have to practically run to keep up with the boys today I was walking and Cameron asked me to slow down!"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

RX day two

I'm going to blog about Cameron's ADHD for a little while so I hope no one minds!

I'm smiling from ear to ear right now and am one happy mom!!!!! Cameron got his pill down today in one try and it only took 2 minutes!!!! He felt so accomplished and I felt a great relief.

I know these pills take days sometimes a week or so to see the affect but my kid was not the same kid yesterday. He started several times to get angry and cycle out of control but he stopped himself....it was weird! I'm crossing my fingers!!!!! The doctor also said he may lose his appetite....last night for dinner he ate one chicken nugget and a hot dog bun, no dog just the bun.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RX day one

I've made several postings so keep scrolling down. I realize I need to change my background but you will all have to wait till my new Mac laptop arrives....I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! Steve tried to out bid me on it but I'm the W-E-I-N-E-R!!!!!!

Cameron had a doctor's appointment yesterday and was placed on medication. He was diagnosed with ADHD the beginning of September and I refused at the time to do medication. I Told the psych that until it impacted his schooling I didn't want to discuss it. Well......at parent teacher conference I was informed it's impacting his schooling. My son is brilliant but his ADHD is making it hard for me to sit still, learn, accomplish simple tasks, listen and I could keep going on. After talking to several people I feel a little bit better about my decision to medicate I just hope it works and helps him. He's so stinking cute and I just want him to be successful!

This morning was our first attempt at swallowing a pill. It only took 1 hour and 15 min and 7 tries to get that thing down. I was in tears by the end because I don't want this to be a bad experience. So, wish us luck tomorrow!!!!

Say Cheese!!!!

I shouldn't go shopping on Black Friday because I only ever buy things for myself.....just had to get the camera because it was such a great buy!!!!!
Here we are trying it out.....

Friends Forever

I went to my very good friend Amy's baby shower on Saturday. Amy and I have been friends since the 6th grade....it's been 23 years! Due to choices I made in my past our relationship is not what is use to be but I'm so glad she still includes me. She has three beautiful daughters; Emma, Hannah and Leah and has tried for a very long time to have another one. I'm so happy that almost 8 years later she gets have baby Norah!!!! Congratulations Spurlock Family!!!!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......

This is our first Christmas in our own place and it's expensive! I've been living the life and luxury at mom's with all the Christmas decorations, tree, lights provided. So, I was tailing up a tree, lights, stand and WOW....so I decided to invest in a fake tree. I never thought in a million years I would buy a fake tree but I did.
Meet the new tree....Cameron decided it needed tinsel (thanks to Bob the Builder) and put the tree string up as decoration.

Cameron loves Christmas and has been asking to get things out since the end of October. So, when I told him it was time to decorate he could hardly wait. He's even asked several times this week if we could undecorate the tree and then decorate again.

Only a couple of catastrophes...

don't ask I did this one....I'm so sad and will be heading back to Ross to buy a new set.

Wall-la....here is our masterpiece!!!!

My harvest mantel was totally stolen from Teri....I copied her right down to spray painting the pumpkins silver. So, I'm proud to brag that I came up with this one all on my own!!!! I love to spray paint things....it's so fun!!!! So, when I found these black stocking holders I knew a little spray paint would spruce them right up.

Here is a few from the driveway....I just love my house!!!!