Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sushi, Smiles, STRIKE

Any excuse to get together with friends is fine by me!!! Any excuse to have another celebration for my birthday is even better!!! Some friends and I gathered at my favorite place and gorged on sushi...yummy!
Alana & Adam

Jeff , what are you looking at...the camera is over here?

Sarah, Sarah, Trish & Kimmy

Here is my last piece of "no-calorie" cake...I only had 3 pieces this week...YIKES!

This sight makes you quickly lose your appetite!

Big DORKS!!!

The Lewis Family

We're on odd bunch!

The night is not complete without a rousing round of bowling

Who's going to win?

Yes, I picked the ball because it matched my outfit...I'm so VAIN! The shoes do not do my outfit was cute till I put the clown shoes on!

I forgot how competitive I can be...I LOST!!! I guess those 2 semesters of bowling I took in college did not pay off...but they sure were fun!!!

My birthday week is coming to a close...I should extend till Wednesday but I'm thinking you all are sick and tired of hearing about it...till next year!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Mandy your bowling outfit is HOT!!! and the shoes just make it better. Glad you enjoyed your birthday week.