Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm sooooo tired of the cough as I'm sure Cameron is too!!!! He has been coughing since before Christmas...that's 101 days and counting! In the past 101 days he has had 2 ear infections, strep throat, been diagnosed with asthma (only cold related it will go away), he has been on 3 different antibiotics, 2 inhalers (one with steroids and one without), he has had blood drawn and a chest x-ray and GUESS WHAT???? They don't know why he is still coughing....he has been a really trooper and hates HATES the inhaler which he has to do 3x per day!

I was telling Uncle Steve about the steroid inhaler, "man, he is workouts would go a lot smoother if I had a steroid inhaler!" I told him he could sneak a puff or two when we are there next week! Am I promoting drug use????


Jamie said...

Thats the last thing I need, steve on steroids.... even more hours posing in front of the mirror

Jamie said...

YUCK!! Hunter is on a steroid inhaler 2 times a day, we also have to keep the rescue inhaler with us at all times. Yep you can thank Grandpa for that one :(.