Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not perfect but not bad

If I had to do this again I would have done it a little different. I could have doubled up on some coupons and saved more but I got confused. I'm still in the learning stages and trying to figure this all out. Thanks to the Loughrans' my printer in hooked up to my computer and I've been printing coupons all evening!

Here is what I bought:
2 packs of M&M's
2 bags of lifesavers
2 things of toothpaste
3 deodrants
1 body wash
2 OB
2 Stayfree pads
2 Feebreeze
4 John Frieda shampoo/conditioner
1 Coopertone SPF 15

Total OOP $28.45
But...........I have $6.00 in rebates coming and $11 in up rewards
So my grand total for all this loot $11.45
that's .54 an item!!!!! AMAZING!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ate our way through Sac today

I'm a little behind at posting things. Blogger upload was not cooperating with me so let's see if I can get current in the next few days!

Cameron and I had a fantastic time in California. On Monday we took off and spent some time by ourselves. Cameron loves Kensie but he also loves to taunt and tease was time for a little break!

So we headed to the Folsom River. There is a cool bridge you can walk across...check out this sign that's posted on both ends of the bridge.

and then there is the view....

When Cameron and I were here last year the water was too high to climb on the rocks so we were so excited when we saw that the water was down.

Steve and Jamie bragged about this sushi restaurant so I had to go and try. Jamie is pregnant so she can't eat raw fish.....I don't know how I would live without sushi for a whole 9 months!

all I am going to say is YUMMY!!!!!

Then we headed back to the pool. What a nice treat everyday to just go and sit and soak up the sun!

Kensie joined us a little while later!

My friend Nancy is a lover of cupcakes. She loves to go and find and try new places. So I went and scouted out 2 that I wanted to try in Sacramento. Unfortunately, one was closed but Cupcake Craving was open and had a nice selection.

When I asked them what their most popular one was she of course said Red Velvet. Everyplace I go to always says that. Why is that?

I'm not a follower so I went with Lemon Boost and Peppermint Patty (I just made up those names because I can't remember what they were called) The lemon one was way to had a lemon filling that was too much. The peppermint one was good...not the best I've had but good.

This is my bros and sis-in-laws favorite place. We went here every's just like Menchies in Federal Way. Go try it if you haven't already!

I know you're thinking I'm weird......why would a drug and alcohol counselor go and track down a Marijuana dispensary??? It's fascinating to me that's why!!!! I work with kids every day that are addicted to weed and there are so many people who are fighting to legalize it and are using it as a medicine....alcohol is legal and look at the destruction it causes. UGH....I get so frustrated!!!

Stay tuned for our fun trip home!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Donna's show aired tonight! It was heart wrenching to watch knowing she's not sober. She is a wonderful lady but her disease is killing her. I pray that she will be able to one day find the happiness and freedom that I and so many others have found! Being sober ROCKS!

On a happier note her son Josh is doing fantastic and loves being sober! I spoke with him yesterday about picking up his mother's things and he informed me she is in jail.....
If you missed the season premiere go to A&E and look for the Donna and Josh story!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gunna lose 20 lbs and I mean it!

So, I decided that I need some accountability and who ever reads this you've been nominated!!! Here is the plan I'm counting points, hitting the track everyday at 9 am (if I'm not there then Vic and I have a bike ride planned), and drinking my water. Then every Wednesday I will be weighing in and recording my weight loss on the side bar. My goal is to lose 20 lbs this summer and to get into some sort of exercise routine so when the fall hits I'll be motivated to keep on going. I've lost 110 lbs but somewhere along the way I've lost all motivation and it's starting to sneak back. If you would like to join me I'd love the company.

Wish me luck!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Couponing in California

Is that even a word?

I decided to buy a paper and see what cool coupons CA had to offer. I was super excited when Hip2Save said that the CA region had a $4.00 Coppertone coupon. YEA, that's where I'm at and sure enough I got one!

Look at the loot!! You'll never guess how much. I honestly felt like I was stealing.

Here is the run down:

Diet Pepsi = $3.00 (don't forget the stupid CRV tax .5 per bottle)
Coppertone = .99
3 bottles of Aveeno Body wash = $1.25 each
then minus my coupons = $7.00
my grand subtotal total is..............
Not a bad deal, huh????

If everyday could be just like this..........

Todays weather was P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Not to hot, not to windy but just right! We're having a grand time and the thought of driving 12 hours on Tuesday makes me tired just thinking about it. Luckily, Cameron and I have thought of some fun things to do on the way home.....I'll update you later.

The kids have been playing fairly well together. Kensie loves it because Cameron has been playing Cinderella with her and arts and crafts!

Cameron and I headed off to have lunch together...

He's been a pretty good trooper about the whole picture taking thing but I think this picture pushed him over.

I love Palm Trees!

So, what is it about this place that people love??? Vicki, Teri and my Mom all really like it! I had it once in Vegas and was not impressed. I decided to give it another try and still not impressed.

After lunch we headed to the pool for a quick swim before Toy Story 3

Cannon Ball Time

I wish I would have gotten another shot of this....Steve was throwing Cameron around doing back flips.

Burke came over and played with us all day. After the movie we had a delicious BBQ and then headed over to Nuyos for dessert!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fun in the Sun

The first thing we did is attempted to go to a garage sale. It was an attempt and it lasted all of about 10 minutes...then it was off to Costco. The Costco in California has far better samples then the Costco in Washington. So, we snacked our whole way through. Yummy!

Then it was off to the Folsom Aquatic Center....I love fun places that don't cost a lot and $6 is P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Here is what we did.....

they have low dives....

several different swimming areas

a slide

Kiddy area


a Wipeout Zone

this is one of Cameron's favorite shows so I can only imagine what's going on in his mind right now! The red and blue one Steve and Cameron fell off so Cameron was really excited when he conquered the other one.

"I made it!"

Uncle Steve, Kensie and Cameron being silly

I was trying keep the hair dry but Steve finally's a shot before I got dunked

Cameron jumping off the high dive....Kensie barrels off this too but somehow I didn't get a picture

Drying off

Look how cute she is!!!

It was a little chilly today with the wind but the next 2 days are suppose to be great! High of 83 today and 92 tomorrow!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

and I still hate eggs

Yesterday I had a screaming headache and I walked into the kitchen to get some water:

Steve: Here
Mandy: What is it?
S: It's soy milk
M: It's to light to be soy.
S: It's light soy.
M: I have light soy at home and it doesn't look like this.
S: Just drink it.

after I drank it and swallowed my pills Steve just cracked up and went to the fridge.

It's egg whites.........he drinks egg whites!! That's GROSS!!!! I thought I was going to die. The funnier part is my brother thought he was hilarious tricking me to drink this crap but after he remembered I don't eat eggs he could not stop laughing and really thought he got me. Got to love my brother!

Friday, June 18, 2010

MOM you're the best

I must have heard that phrase 25x yesterday!!! I think this is the first vacation Cameron and I have taken by ourselves. I mean we're here with family but I don't think we've ever traveled by ourselves or planned something by ourselves....we always tag along with the family.

Yesterday morn we got up and I went for a walk while the kids rode their bikes. I'm so glad we decided to take the bike.

This is the trail by Steve's house. When the project is complete it will be 16 miles long.

Along the trail Kensie pointed out the big scary tree and then asked if I would take her picture with it!

The castle park....this park reminds me of Steele Lake Park in Federal Way except that this one is nicer, bigger and newer!

Steve took me by a clean and sober house in Folsom. I love that they put 'ODAAT' on the front of the house and above the door it says, Clean & Sober Living.

Vicki told me I had to go to Old Folsom to check out a handbag store and to get some chocolate and we did both! Not sure why I didn't not go here last year....there are some great stores!

Look at all the choices.....

Of course Cameron wanted Candy Corn

She had a real nice store but my prices are better......

After dinner we went to the store and Jamie jumped aboard this vessel....I died laughing!

It was a very fun day and I love just being able to relax!