Friday, March 20, 2009

dot com

I was on the computer the other night and Cameron comes in and wants to go to (he thinks that if you put in something dot com that it will take you to that subject ie. or So, he climbed up in my lap to surf the web. This is how far we got before he got frustrated....,, (mom, that's not a bee it's honey), (WHAT!!! I want to see about flies), (Mom, you spelled butterfly wrong) he got frustrated and waked away when a website about golfing popped up. Got to love technology!


Jamie said...

HAHA Sammy is the same way, Rob had to put locks on the computer so she couldn't type in random dot com addresses.

amie979 said...

HAHA That's funny. I like that game too, but be careful. I have accidentally come across some naughty stuff!! Like my own name dot com :( SAD