Friday, March 13, 2009

The Celebrations Continue

Keith turned the big 21 this week...I remember when I was 13 and my parents told me they were having another baby...WHAT??? I hate to admit this but I was so embarrassed of our big family. Whenever we were out in public I would walk yards in front of the family and pretend like I was not with them...then my dad would holler out, "that's my oldest daughter up there and these are ALL of her siblings...she's embarrassed walk with us!!!" How embarrassing!!! Then my mom informs me that she will be having the 'brat' in March---hello that's my month! The biggest doozer was on my 14th birthday my mom told me that she thought she was going into labor. I'm not sure exactly what I said to her that day but I'm sure it was not nice...she held out for exactly 7 days! Look how cute he is....our family would not be complete without Keith and I'm happy to share my month with him!

Gary and Mom took us out for our birthdays to the Japanese Steak House...yummy!

When Christi graduated from High School we all came soon as the flame went up Cameron ran for the door and would not stay and eat. So, we went home!! I was a little worried how he would react tonight. When we sat down I warned him what was going to happen and he did get anxious and made a plan to stand way across the room...but by the end he was asking for more fire!!!!

Cameron struggles to smile normal...he tries way too hard!

It only took four takes to get this picture...I just love him!!!!

A birthday night would not be complete without an embarrassing birthday song done Japanese style!


Dallin said...

Mom told me she was prego with Keith with a game of hang man...guess she figured after your reaction...she better add some fun to it all...Keith is loving that b-day song!!!

Jamie said...

How fun!! I love the Japanese birthday song.

Anonymous said...

AHAHHA!!! thats funny :)

Riley Family said...

Tons of fun, thanks for sharing!