Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ba Humbug

I know it's not Christmas but today is a BA HUMBUG day! I'm sitting here on my couch listening to all the kids run around outside, excited, laughing, playing and collecting free candy.......and I'm feeling guilty for punishing Cameron. I even feel worse because next year it's on Sunday! The $40 costume is sitting in my trunk and maybe he can wear next year! For the last 6 years we've walked around my mom's neighborhood making memories and this year I was excited to make memories in our new neighborhood.......I know I have to stick with what I said; sad thing is he doesn't even remember what he did and has exploded like that about 10 more times. UGH!!!!! Being a parent is rough sometimes! So, I guess I'll get off my pity pot and go tell him I love him.......................................

Monday, October 26, 2009

I told you she'd help

I think I've made it pretty clear that I don't like carving pumpkins nor do I like dying eggs but we can talk about that in April. So, I gave Christi the task and she did it....thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

I did scoop most of the guts out....Cameron gave it a whirl but decided he didn't like that part.

Cameron took this picture....just in case you forgot what the inside of a pumpkin looks like!

The finished looks fantastic!

Cameron is soooooooo excited that she is home....he missed his Aunt Fris lots!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Just to let you all know there will not be a trick-or-treating blog post this year. Cameron has been naughty and I took that away from him. Don't judge or think I'm being too harsh I have to follow through with this and it's hurting him as much as it hurts me!

Welcome Home

We waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited in anticipation for her arrival. We stared at this for a very long time!!!

It felt like forever for her to come up the escalator and then we spotted her......

Cameron tried to be so patient.....he got really angry after we waited for over an hour but then when he saw her he was so excited!!!! He was just as excited to see his Grandma....he has not been away from her for this long ever!

She is full of so much joy!! Christi I am so proud of you and all that you've accomplished!! It's good to have you home!!!!

The welcoming committee...I'm pretty proud of myself cause I made the sign!

We headed to Azteca to eat....Christi says she's been craving Mexican!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Vicki

I love spending time with my sisters!!! Glad birthdays and homecomings are a good enough excuse to bring Teri home for a visit!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Carving Pumpkins....yuck!

I'm a genius! I hate carving pumpkins and I also hate dying eggs. What kind of Mom am I? Anyways, while at the patch yesterday I had a real good idea for a pumpkin and I wouldn't have to carve it.
Meet my $1.50 pumpkin! I'll now give him a free face lift!

He is sooooo cute (thanks to Mr. Potato Head parts)!

I wanna get a big one

I've been given a lot crap today when I told a couple of friends that Cameron could only pick a pumpkin that he could friend said, "what! Every little boy wants the biggest pumpkin they can find!" I told them then they could pay the 29 cents a pound and carve it (I hate carving pumpkins) Good thing Christi is coming home this week because I have a job for her!

Sooooooo glad Vicki made the plans to head to the patch....we had some good laughs! First, we started off in the maze. It was a werewolf maze and when we were paying Cameron asked the lady if the werewolf were in cages???? She didn't know what to say....I told her we get our $$ back if we don't see any, right? Ok, these corn mazes are HARD!!! We kept getting lost and then a little boy had to use the restroom so we gave up!

Then it was time to pick a pumpkin. Do we really need to pull a cart??? He just had to even though he could only pick a pumpkin that he could carry!

Here is where the laughter started........I've got the best family in the world!

as Cameron was walking through the patch he saw this green pumpkin:
C: That's a kid
M: (I looked at Vicki and said what?)
V: It's green it's a kid
C: You can't pick it it's not ready
M: oh!
Vicki did I get that right?????

Cameron loves to take pictures but he wants to tell you what facial expression to express....
#1 "Mom you be happy and Vicki you be ___????" What are you doing?

#2 "Both of you be happy"

#3 "Be angry" or were we suppose to be surprised?

#4 "Be sad!"

#5 "I'm a pumpkin with arms"

Watch out Cameron you're sitting on a, mom this one is a teenager! Who taught him this!!! It's not as funny as it was yesterday when he was saying it......

ahhhh......Happy Halloween!!!!

after picking at least 4 pumpkins and throwing them all back (he literally threw them back) he finally found one he could carry!

poor thing had a hard time staying on the cart!

Cameron tried to get us to take more pictures but we went for a group shot instead!

I took a lot of pictures yesterday and they all turned out so good I have to share!

Oh Yea!!! This is why we got the cart. He actually pulled me for a little ways....extremely impressed with his brute strength!

Monday, October 19, 2009

She's coming home!!!!!

Christi aka Sister Frump will be arriving in Seattle this Saturday! I can't believe 18 months is over and soooooo excited to see her cute face!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's gunna be hot, hot, hot!

Vic had a great idea for the winter, let's buys some wood and utilize our fireplaces. I said ok and then this showed up.....

she forgot to mention we would have to stack all of it!

She always had such a great attitude....I love you Vicki!!!

good thing I have good friends that help!

look at my shed now....
only one problem (maybe two).......we found rodent poop in there.....if there are mice or rats in my shed I'm moving out. I CAN'T STAND THOSE THINGS!!!!!! You'll hear me screaming where ever you live.
the second problem is I don't know how to build a fire....who's idea was this anyway???? Good thing Sarah was around and knew how.