Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are they going to take a knife and cut it out?

We found out 4 months ago that Cameron has an extra tooth in his mouth and they needed to pull it. The dentist wanted to let it come down a bit and boy was it an odd looking tooth. Because of the snow we has to reschedule the appointment and this week we finally got it done. Cameron was so brave. I asked him what the gas felt like when they gave it to him and he said, "it made me feel happy!!!" Oh great!
Here is a before pic

Here he is right after he was done...he started to cry and when I asked him what was wrong he said, "my lip is fat and I want it small like the other one." Never complained once about his tooth.

Look at that hole!!!!

I tried to take a pic of the tooth but it did not do it's the strangest looking thing I've seen in a while. The dentist put it in a nice little keep sake tooth box and Cameron decided to write the tooth fairy a note and ask if he could keep the tooth...I wanted to write, "please leave the tooth and show me the money!" He did not agree! The tooth fairy left $2.00!!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Jones Christmas...

My dad and Mim were out of town for Christmas...they were enjoying the slopes of Utah. So, we got together on Monday. Dad fixed yummy fajitas and we hung out and the kids opened gifts! I thought I took better pics...sorry this is what you get!

Mim made Kensie 2 beautiful dress-up gowns. You will see in my next several posts that she has not taken it off in 6 days!

Aunt Vicki and Kensie

Today is a GREAT day!!!!

Today I celebrate 7 years clean and sober!!! It feels a little surreal...where did the time go??? I been reflecting on that time of my life and am so grateful I got to experience it. For some of you that might sound a little odd but honestly it's made me who I am today! At times I have a hard time expressing the joy (that word really doesn't do it justice) I've found over the past 7 years. I love being sober...I love being a mom...I love being able to wake up and look forward to the new day ahead...I love my Savior Jesus Christ and am grateful to feel of his love...I love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...I love having friends who trust and love me...I love having relationships with my family and the memories that we share...I love watching Cameron grow and learn...I love that I have a job today and am good at what I do...I love being ok with who I am...I love that I'm not perfect and have a lot to learn!!! Today I'm grateful for so many things and without my sobriety I would have none of it.

This picture was taken on December 26, 2001--I had not spoken to my family in almost 2 years. At the time I had no idea how worried they must have that I've had a child I understand, I could not imagine not talking to him for that long and not knowing where he was. I called them on Christmas day, it was the hardest phone call I've ever made, the next day they met me for breakfast. It was a nice but awkward visit. At the time I had no idea I was pregnant and would be moving home for good a week later. Three days later I found out and that was the beginning to a wonderful new journey!

I'm blessed today with so many wonderful people in my life...I just want to thank all my family and friends for being so supportive and never giving up on me!!!!! I'm looking forward to many more amazing years and can't wait to see what lies ahead!!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snow, Smiles & Sushi

Cousin Kensie finally got to play in the snow with her cousin Cameron!

So, cute all bundled up...I should of had Uncle Steve pick up a pair of boots in California and bring them here...he said the supply at Target was quite large...go figure! I spent a day and a half looking for boots for Cameron and could only find a pair that were $59.00! Forget it!!!

Uncle Steve went out and had a snowball fight with the kids. Look at Steve's getup...yes, shorts???

Then it was time for a Mario Cart challenge...Steve was impressed with Cameron's playing ability! Steve gave Cameron a run for his money. When we play I always come in 7th or 8th place.

Today Steve, Kensie, Cameron and I went to's my new favorite thing!! Here are the kids messing around on the ride over.

Cameron decided he wanted shrimp after he ate his first one he said, "these shrimp are dead, I'm eating dead shrimp!" He loved it...he also ate pot stickers, strawberry ice cream and plain rice. We've found our new favorite restaurant!

Kensie tried one too and thought it was pretty tasty!

Sushi is YUMMY!!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed time with family & friends while you celebrated the birth of our Savior! This Christmas has been so fun but also so difficult with trying to teach Cameron about the true meaning of Christmas...I know he gets it but sometimes all the "other" stuff gets in the way!

Every year before we open gifts we line up on the stairs and take pictures. One year it's oldest to youngest and then we switch youngest to oldest the next year. This year we grouped together as families...oldest to youngest! My brother-in-law David is 38 days older than me (but who's counting) and since he joined the family I'm not the oldest anymore. Luckily, he was not here this year so I got to enjoy the first step!!! David you were missed, really!!!

Cameron was up at 4:30 that means I was up also. He was not allowed to come downstairs so he tossed and turned and bugged me. At one point I must of dozed of because he came running into my room, "mom, mom the reindeer eat his food and Santa left me geodude!" Finally, at 8:30 we were headed downstairs.

Uncle Nick & Aunt Sharon

Cameron & Mom

Cameron passing out gifts

Cameron & his loot

Aunt Jamie, Uncle Steve & Cousin Kensie

Grandpa & Grandma Anderson

Somehow I did not get a picture of Aunt Vicki but she was there

This year my Mom and Vicki took Cameron shopping to buy me a gift, he was so excited! Cameron told them he wanted to buy me a diamond!!! How cute is that??? Here I am opening in anticipation...

He bought me some great earrings (with crystals...close to diamonds) and a watch!

He also bought me a JOY decoration

Cute little Kensie with her new headband...check out this blog if you would like to purchase one.

To end the wonderful morning we got to call's been 9 months and she is doing great. I was so full of emotion that every time I went to say something to her I cried. Sister Jones is an amazing young woman who is blessing the lives of the people of Germany---way to go!!! Check out her blog I took a video of her testimony in German and 10 seconds of her singing O Holy Night!!!!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve...

What a great day...the cousins are together again!!! Kensie, Jamie & Steve arrived from CA on Tuesday. We all met at my Aunt Stephannie's house for the traditional Jones gathering. I love getting together with my Aunts, Uncles and cousins. I took so many pics that I'll spare you the pain of looking at them...just in case you are wondering we are a good looking family!

A few years back we started a tradition of matching jammies for the cousins!!! I should find the last couple of years and post them. Here Kensie and Cameron are opening theirs. Dallin we missed you this year but I'm so glad that you got to having matching pj's with your parents!

Oops, I don't think I'll order them online anymore...a little on the small size!

This year has been a blast with Cameron...the magic of Christmas is in full bloom around here. He has loved updating the different advent calendars around the house, reading about the birth of Christ, and trying to stay on the good list. Last night he even moved his Christmas train away from the fireplace so that "Santa could make it down the chimney," and we put reindeer food out on the snow so they would have something to eat too!

it even has glitter in it so they can find their way

Last night Cameron put out a treat for Santa...I'm back on the wagon with my diet so check-out what Santa got??? He could lose a few too!

that's right....5 carrots and 1 very small candy cane

I finally got Cameron to sleep and look what's magic!!!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

7 Brides for 7 Brothers

Headed to the 5th Ave last night to see Seven Brides for Seven was FANTASTIC and I would highly recommend it to everyone!!!

Thanks again Nancy for watching Cameron (overnight) so I could enjoy some time with my sisters and mom!!!!