Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged...
1. Go to my documents/pictures.
2. Go to my 6th file folder.
3. Go to my 6th picture.
4. Blog about it.
5. Tag 6 people to do the same.
I'm so glad it was this picture and not something embarrassing...yes, I have embarrassing pictures stored on my computer. I should go through and clean them out but it takes so much time. This is my friend Carrie and Cyndi. Carrie and I have been friends since we were 14...that was a summer I'll never forget...we were on a three day hike to the ocean (this is one of those hikes that you have everything you need in a pack, on your back for three days) and I was not feeling well (my mom told me it was just nerves). The plan was to share the 2 man after we set up camp I went to lay down and ended up throwing up...all over the tent, Carrie's sleeping bag and mine!!! HELLO WE ARE OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!!! Carrie was a sport...I slept by myself in the stinky tent the first night and she slept with our neighbors and then the next night 4 of us crammed into a 2-man tent...all I can remember about that night was this raccoon kept scratching at my butt. I met Cyndi when we were all at Rick's College!!! Carrie and Cyndi were roommates and I lived upstairs. Those were the best 2 years with tons and tons of memories.
Here are three of my favorite:
  1. Dressed up in dark cloths and ran around Rexburg shutting off electricity of several apartment complexes...I think that would be a criminal offense today.
  2. Laying out at Rigby Lake...I was out swimming in the fall of 93' and lost my dad's wedding band that he gave me...I was soooo sad! About 8 months later the girl's went to lay out again and I didn't go (I think I was next thing I knew Cyndi was on her knee proposing to me with my dad's ring. I was shocked!!! A man had a metal detector at the lake and they asked him to try and find it and he did!!! Please don't ask me where the ring is now...that's a pathetic story!!!!
  3. Rooming together at Harmony House #310, endless trips to Craigo's, adventures to Beaver Dick, a road trip to Yellowstone and many many many late night giggles!!! Oh, and let's not forget when Cyndi and I went to Reno so I could see Jeremy!

Ok, so about the above picture...I think the last time we were all together was when the girls decided to do an intervention on me...yes, I said intervention!! It didn't go over big but I will always be grateful that they loved enough to try! So, I was sooo happy when Carrie called and said Cyndi was in town for a conference and the three of us got together for was so fun to laugh about all the weird things we did!!! I love these girls and will be forever grateful for their friendship over the past 21 years!!!!

    I now tag:

    1. Teri
    2. Jamie
    3. Carrie (Cyndi needs to starting blogging so I could tag her)
    4. Hannah
    5. Katie
    6. Mackenzie

    Thursday, February 26, 2009


    I posted a lot today so keep scrolling.
    I put this on myspace and thought I would share! YES, I have a myspace...I think I was bored this week or something??? Do you want to be my
    (An Autobiography in Five Short Chapters)
    Chapter I
    I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk, I fall in. I am lost...I am helpless. It takes forever to get out.
    Chapter II
    I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in again. I can't believe I am in the same place. But, it isn't my responsibility. It still takes a long time to get out.
    Chapter III
    I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I see it is there. I still fall's a habit...but, my eyes are open. I know where I am. It is my responsibility. I get out immediately.
    Chapter IV
    I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I walk around it.
    Chapter V
    I walk down another street.

    I'm wearing old man jammies

    and so is Grandpa!

    My step dad had neck surgery 2 weeks ago...he fell and is very lucky to be walking today! We are so happy that he will recover and be ok!

    Yea, it's Monday!

    Cameron is loving swim lessons or maybe it's the routine that we are in--
    Monday: Swim Lessons
    Tuesday: whatever we want :)
    Wednesday: Swim Lessons
    Thursday: AA (Cameron thinks I go here to learn to teach people not to he loves to play with the kids.
    Friday: Yipee, it's the weekend! We can relax and again do whatever we want!

    Here are some videos of Cameron's crawl stroke and kick board exercises

    We love Rhianna

    Cameron and I love to get down when we are out and about...this video doesn't even come to close to what we usually do but you'll get the idea. I usualCheck Spellingly sing and I started to and then I realized you would all be listening so I stopped...enjoy! I just watched this again...I seriously need to edit it...not the best video lots of dead spots. Oh well...

    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    A Getaway

    Sometimes adults just need to get away...I had the opportunity to go to Ocean Shores with a friend and relax last weekend. It was wonderful!!!!! Life has been crazy lately and it was nice to just breath! Thank you Jody!

    Monday, February 23, 2009

    Mom, I did the pizza!!!!

    Cameron spent the weekend with my dad and step dad turned 61 on Friday and decided for his birthday he wanted to take Cameron skiing. Cameron was so excited...on the way to meet Grandpa Thursday night he asked me, "mom, how will I stop when I'm going down Mt. Rainer?" For those that know me I hate the cold therefore I'm a non-skier. I told Cameron I had NO CLUE!!! When I talked to Cameron on Saturday you would of thought he had just won the lottery he talked to me for 20 minutes about skiing and that's amazing for a kid who usually refuses to talk on the phone:

    Mom: "Did you have fun?"
    Cameron: "Mom, it was so cool! I know how to just do the pizza"
    Mom: "The pizza?"
    Cameron: "Yea, you put your skis in the shape of pizza."

    Here are tons of pics and a video from Cameron's adventure...
    Cameron before he took his first 2 hour lesson

    off with Grandpa to try things out...

    and a few times he crashed

    Grandpa was really impressed with how well he did on his first trip. Cameron is already asking to go back for night skiing. Thanks Grandpa!!!!

    Saturday, February 14, 2009

    Happy Valentine's Day

    I think this day is overrated...probably because I don't have a Valentine. Oh, wait I do...he's 6 and about the cutest thing you ever did see. This morning I wanted to make heart shaped pancakes...Cameron wanted eggs. For those of you that know me I HATE EGGS!!! I can't stand the taste, texture, smell or even the thought of eating them! But because I love Cameron I made a HUGE sacrifice.

    I got Cameron a card and some chocolate...he was so excited!

    After he realized I got him something he decided to needed to get me a Valentine also. He picked through his stack he got yesterday and found one with no writing on's all about going green. This year I received 2 Hershey kisses, a quarter and a recycled Valentine which read, "A Valentine from me to you...The Lord loves us very much." Someone actually brought in religious Valentine cards in Kindergarten???? hmmm...

    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    OUCH it cut me!

    Cameron has been working hard on his Valentine's all week! He decided his name was too long so he has been writing from Cam on each card. Just like his mom trying to find the easier softer way! The funny thing is he made a card for himself and it reads;
    To: Cameron
    From: Cam

    I'm not sure why Cameron put one of the cards in his mouth...I was making his lunch this morning and I looked up and saw him swipe it across his lips, "Ouch it cut me!" Grandma was nice enough to offer him a wet rag to help with the worked because he kept doing his cards!

    Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Can we please listen to the bum-bum-bee-dum-bum-bum-bee-dum-bum song?

    Cameron's new favorite song!!! If I refuse to play the CD then he does not want any music to be played at all.

    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    You're not my mom

    Cameron has nightmares...last night while I was getting ready for bed I heard him crying. Here is how the conversation went:
    Mom: Cameron are you ok?
    Cameron: No, where is my mom?
    Mom: I'm right here
    Cameron: No, where is my mom?
    Mom: I'm your mom
    Cameron: You're not my mom...where is she?
    Mom: (at this point I don't want to argue with him...but come on I'M YOUR MOM!!!) I'm right here...
    Cameron: No, I need her. I'm angry and I need to tell her...where is she???
    Mom: (sign of relief) Come on Cameron let's go to bed...
    I got him into bed and rocked him back to sleep...very curious what he was so mad about! I asked this morning but of course he looked at me like I was CRAZY!!!!!!

    Thursday, February 5, 2009

    another ear infection...ugh!!!!

    Sunday night Cameron woke me up saying his ear hurt...he moaned for 2 hours straight before I finally turned on Walle...we watched it twice! Poor little thing was not doing well...we were up from 12:30 till I finally took him to the hospital at 7 am. Of course just another ear they ever grow out of these things???????? Cameron's favorite thing about the hospital is the warm blankets they give you...

    swim, swim and more swim

    Cameron is still loving swim lessons!! The pool handed out certificates with 10 levels on it--Cameron had 4 of the levels passed off. Each time you pass a level you get a gold sticker:
    Cameron: Mom, I'm going to be on level 5!!!!
    Mom: I know Cameron that's so cool--you are doing a great job!
    Cameron: I can't wait till I'm really good and get to be on level 10...then I can play waterpolo!