Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today is a good day!!!

You are probably wondering why I haven't had any great stories from my local Circle K (I know you wait anxiously)--well, I've cut back! Did you hear me???? I'VE CUT BACK (the all caps is dedicated to my sister Sharon...inside family joke)!!! Every time I went in there something embarrassing happened so I tried to quit; that lasted all of about 4 days. So, I'm back on the caffeine-free diet coke! I guess it could be worse! Anyways, I stopped in this morning (have not been since Saturday....clap, clap, clap) and went up to pay and saw on my punch card that I only needed to buy this one and then next one was free. If that wasn't good enough the clerk "Christina" said, "Oh, this ones on me!" and she punched my card. Hello, my friends......I'm getting two free drinks two days in a row (yes, that means I'll be in there again tomorrow)!!!!!! Yippee, I just saved myself a whole $2.60!!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

An offer has been made...

I really, really, really, really, really, really want this house!!! I made an offer yesterday and now the waiting game begins! It's on a short sale so it's going to take 3-4 weeks (maybe longer) before I hear anything. I've put it in God's hands and if it's meant to be then I'll get it and if not then I'll keep looking. I'm trying to keep this attitude so I don't cry when I don't get it!

Here is the living room....I just love the tile work. It's a small house and it needs a little work....all the walls and baseboards need to be painted, new carpet in all the rooms, and there is no fence on the right side of the yard. Any takers on painting???

Here is Cameron's new backyard...it's a perfect size!!!

Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!

Mom the Superhero

Cameron and I went down to the waterfront yesterday after the movies to play. He loves to walk by himself and play make believe....he does not want me close by because he thinks I'm listening and that's embarrassing he says. I lie and tell him I'm not paying attention but really I love to hear where his imagination takes him.

Mom: Cameron you need to stay close to me.
Cameron: Why?
Mom: I don't want anyone to take you.
Cameron: No one is going to take me I'll tell them I already have a mom. You can protect me!
Mom: I can't protect you if you're too far ahead of me.
Cameron: Yea you can! Run up, throw them on the ground, take your sword and get em', or a bomb or something....we'll run away....you can do it mom!

Wow, don't you wish you had a mom like me???

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Want to laugh...go watch a t-ball game

I've seen some of the funniest things in the last couple of weeks; kids tackling each other for the ball, running the wrong direction on the bases, playing in the dirt and throwing it, chasing birds, using the bat as a gun (see below) and passing up a player on the base to get to the next (Cameron). I've also experienced a whole lot of meltdowns and frustrating moments from my dear lovable son...here are some of the comments I've heard; "he took my ball," "someone stole my mitt," "I'm thirsty," "I quit," "I'm hot," "it's cold," "I'm hungry," "this game is dumb," "that man won't let me bat," "I'm not tucking my shirt in," "I don't want to play," and it goes on and on and on. He is the only one you hear complaining too!
On Saturday Cameron was crying because someone stole his glove and hat (it was in the dug out he just did not see it) so whilehe was over with me he missed his turn to bat and that really threw him over the edge. So here is a picture of him in the dug out refusing to play.

According to Cameron t-ball is boring so let's shoot at the parents with the bat!

At the game yesterday something happened....no complaints, he stayed with his team, no tears and he got to play catcher. He was more interested in calling foul balls and strikes but at least he was out there playing.

If Cameron could bat all day long he would be a happy boy!

Slid'n into first base!!!!!!!!

Who knows if he'll stick with this sport but at least were giving it a try!!!

"Wow, he looks like me!"

Cameron must of repeated that phrase 20x....he was amazed when he saw this picture of his dad!

Am I allergic?

Cameron was tested for allergies early Monday morning. We were referred by his MD because he's had a cough since before Christmas and I was excited because he has weird skin issues too. Anyways, I told him he was going to have to get a shot (I thought that's how they did it) and he flipped out, a little! Note to self: Just keep your mouth shut next time you don't know something!!! We get to the doctors and of course the first thing he asks is are you going to give me a shot....the nurse says NO and Cameron is relieved. What she did not tell us is you don't get a shot with a needle but you do get poked in the back 50 times! Which is worse one big shot or 50 pokes....I think he would of preferred a shot!

He is squirming and it's only a ball point pen...lol!!!

Here come the 50 pokes!!!!!

His back was all red and itched.....luckily he has no allergies!!!!!

"Mom, I don't want to do that again!"
and yes, I took those pictures while holding him...can't miss out on a blogging moment!

Treasure Hunt

Cameron loves to be adventurous...over the weekend we headed down to Ruston Way to check out the sites. He was so excited to walk on the dock, look at starfish, chase seagulls and imagine he saw a shark or two.

Then it was time to head to the water....he made me stay up top and we went looking for treasures...some of his finds were; broken glass, broken shells, bugs and smelly seaweed. He was in heaven climbing up and down the rocks to show off his treasures.

Now he is begging to run around the neighborhood and treasure hunt....oh boy!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

"I met my dad and he is awesome!!!"

Sometimes life does not go exactly the way you think it should...lol! When I was younger I never would have dreamt my life would of taken the path that it did...but it is what it is! I've said it before and I'll say it again I don't regret any of my past and I really look forward to what the future has to hold. I also know that I love my son with all my heart and he has been the greatest blessing in my life. Cameron is 6 years old and had never met his dad...after a lot of pondering and prayer they finally met last night. Cameron was very excited and also very nervous! It was one of the most amazing things I've witnessed in a long time...I'd like to introduce Cameron's dad Jimmy!

Cameron lingered back by my car for a second or two and then sprinted, jumped up into his arms and gave him a huge hug! Then they ran off and played, laughed, and talked! Cameron woke up this morning telling me how awesome is dad is....

Friday, April 17, 2009

You forged my name???

Each night Cameron is to read to me and then I sign the bookmark to turn in the next day. On Wednesday night we ran out of time and did not read the book so I did not sign the paper. On Thursday as I was cleaning out his backpack I came across this...
Mom: What is this?
Cameron: I signed your name?
Mom: Why?
Cameron: You forgot to sign it after we read.
Mom: Cameron, we did not read last night because we ran out of time.
Cameron: Oh!!! (with a little smile)
Mom: You forged my name.
Cameron: I what?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You wanna win something cool???

I came across the Hamilton blog via mormon mommy blog and she (Hannah) is giving away this awesome tile....I LOVE THIS QUOTE and I want to win...lol! So, head to her blog and follow the instructions!!! On a side note: if one of my friends win I will buy it off of you :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Cameron never wants his picture taken...ever and when I finally get him to agree this is what I get!!!

Where have you lived?

On our way back from California we decided to drive through Albany, OR and find our old house. I have a crappy memory and was surprised when we drove down the main road that I remembered my bus stop, the street we lived on--we were even able to tell my mom she passed the street and then I even remembered the house! I was in the 2nd grade when we lived here!Here are a few memories I have: being left alone one night and someone or something scared Vicki, Teri and I so we hid behind the TV stand till my parents came home, the big empty field behind our house we use to play in (now there are a ton of houses), riding my bike with no shoes and sticking my foot in the spokes--I think I ended up in the hospital, the strawberry shortcake parade and actually having that yummy dessert at the end, and...................

peeing my pants on the way home from the bus stop...lol! Our bus stop was on the other side of those trees and one day I did not make it home...oops!

Here is our school....I don't remember going here but I do remember the name!

This is the stinky paper mill....you always knew when you were close to home. However, it did not smell this time!

Where have you lived???
  1. Provo, UT (1974)
  2. Seattle, WA (1974)
  3. Vancouver, WA (1975)
  4. Albany, OR (1980)
  5. Redmond, WA (1983)
  6. Beaverton, OR (1984)
  7. Federal Way, WA (1985)
  8. Rexburg, ID (1992)
  9. Provo, UT (1995)
  10. SLC, UT (1995)
  11. Federal Way, WA (1995)
  12. Tacoma, WA (1996)
  13. Federal Way, WA (2001)

Some cool things we saw along the way

I love to take pictures and wish I was better at it...maybe I should take a class, hmmmm? Anyways, here are some things we saw along the way....my family was tired of pulling over so there are a lot of things I missed!
Mt. Shasta

We saw this on the way down but it was on the other side of the road...Cameron was sleeping so he was very excited to see the Tin Dragon on our home!

I thought this was the Tin Dragon so I hollered to pull over...oops it's a Tin Cow! Cameron said, "I think the Dragon transformed into the Cow as a disguise!" He has an active imagination...the dragon was down the way about 2o min later!

You may not enjoy this picture as much as I do but I laughed so hard it hurt (I was unable to get a picture on the way to CA)!!!!!! So, I made my family stop again so I could take another picture...this picture is priceless!!!!! Welcome to Weed California?

We experienced just about every weather possible this past week....sun, rain, snow, sleet, thunder....the snow is pretty but I'm really ready to have spring!

One more funny thing....Vicki spotted a turkey running through a field and tried to show Cameron.
Vicki: Look, there is a wild turkey!
Cameron: How wild is it?
He never did see the thing!!!! He is sooo funny!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's t-ball time!!!!

I'm one proud Mom today!!!!! Cameron had his first t-ball game tonight...he did great for only having one practice! We started off this morning with t-ball team pictures and then his game. He makes me laugh...out on the field talking to himself, flexing his muscles (thanks Uncle Steve) and getting angry at his team because, "that was my ball!!!" Matter of fact he quit in the third inning because he was getting no action on the field, "It's my turn to get the ball and their not sharing!" Boy, we have a lot to learn!
This is Cameron first time up to bat!!!

Cameron played first base and thought that was really cool!

Friday, April 10, 2009

6 Flags Discovery Kingdom

This was the best day of the whole trip! The weather was great, the lines were short and there were lots and lots of smiles!

I tried to get a picture of all of us but it never happened...you can see Jamie in the background! Not sure where Steve, David or Cameron ran off to!!

I still have a lot of guilt about deciding not to take Cameron to Disney World a year a half ago...so, I was so excited for this day!!! This is Cameron's first roller coaster ride and boy did he love it....he rode it +10x!!!! The first couple times he wanted me right next to him, then he sat in front of me and by the end he wanted to ride it all by himself!

If you know my brother you know he loves to show off...Cameron wanted a toy and Steve had an opportunity to flex his muscles and I got to pay the $5!

This is the best picture ever....meet my brother Steve!!!! He even won a Taz stuffed animal for Cameron!

When I was a kid I could go on all the rides that went upside down and all around....since having Cameron they make me sick pretty quick! So, I have to be very selective on what I choose to go on! Unfortunately, this ride was not for me!

Cameron loves his cousins but he has a very hard time sharing and getting a long with them...he tells me that he loves being their older brother (hello you're cousins)....I guess that gives him the right to be bossy!

Cameron did not want to go near the characters. I had to be very creative to get the pictures I did!!! Kensie on the other hand loves them!

Success I got a picture: Cameron wanted to show Tweetie his new Taz toy that is "strong" Uncle Steve won for him...ahhhh, a Kodak moment!

Welcome to Thomas Town....this was very exciting but then when we got there it really was no big deal!!! However, the kids got to ride on Harold, Bertie the bus and Thomas the Train!!!! How could Steve sleep through such excitement???

Cameron loved all the rides and was a pretty good sport when the adults wanted to go on rides too!

Not only were there very fun rides there were very cool animals to look at. We saw a dolphin show and a whale show (the whale show sucked). These pictures don't even look real but they are!

Cameron loves reptiles, "I've never seen a real alligator before."

I did not get any pictures of the 7 month old baby tigers...Cameron was asking the trainer all sorts of questions:
Cameron: What do they eat?
Trainer: They eat kids who don't listen to their parents
You should have seen the look of fear on Cameron's face...we all died laughing!!!
Cameron: You're kidding??
Trainer: Yes, they eat meat

Cameron thought this ride was pretty cool, "mom, it's the tiger mobile!" Can you see the huge turtle in the background?

I did ride a couple of rides....the rickety wooden roller coaster which gives you a headache, I also rode another ride that I was pressured to get on but so glad that I did...it's one of those upside down, real fast, strike a pose while you're upside down kinda rides--get it? And then I went on the Medusa (Cameron wanted to go on this ride too but was to short)!!! Have you ever been strapped to a chair, with your feet dangling precariously while your 150-feet off the ground? Better yet, have you ever been strapped to a chair that flies through a powerful series of twists, turns and inversions at speeds in excess of 60 mph? I have and it made me a little sick!

As I mentioned earlier I had to be very creative to get Cameron to get take pictures with the characters...so, he took a picture of me and then I took a picture of him!!!!

This was the best trip ever!!!!!!!!!