Friday, September 26, 2008

Mom, he kept touching me

The third week of school just ended and Cameron has done pretty good... Well, compared to the first week-lol (keep reading)!!! In Cameron's class they have a green, yellow, red system for behavior. The goal is to stay on green and if you get to red then you have to go on time out. Cameron is a talker (go figure) and was having a hard time staying on green for a few days. We made a deal that if he gets 5 green days then he could buy lunch twice in a week. I thought this was a GREAT idea...unfortunately, he has not liked any of the school lunches so far--not even chicken and fry day. Some motivator??? New game plan, 10 green days...chocolate ice cream at 31 Flavors, mmmmm!

Everyday after school we talk about his day; what he liked best, what he learned, who he played with and of course the dreaded color of the day. Here is one of our conversations:

Mom: "Cameron how was school today?"
Cameron: "Good"
M: "Did you stay on green?"
C: "NO, I moved to red" (sad look on face)
M: "What happened?"
C: "I don't know"
M: "Cameron, come on you know what happened"
C: "I don't remember"
M: "I need you to remember...its important"
C: "I don't know...I'm not talking anymore" (he begins to get a little frustrated)

right in the middle of our conversation the phone rings and the caller ID reads FW school district. As I'm talking to the teacher you can tell Cameron figures out (you should of seen his face) who is on the phone and what they are telling me.

M: "Cameron did you punch someone today?"
C: "Yes, he kept touching me...I told him to stop but he would not listen!!!"

I love teachable moments...Cameron came home the next day and let me know they are now friends.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


10 years ago I:

Do I really have to admit this...nothing good!!! I'll leave it at that! For those that know me, you already know it was a rough spot of my life to say the least :)

5 things on today's "to do" list:

1. laundry

2. give Cameron a bath

3. call and cancel this Diet tea crap I got a free sample of

4. send a card to Cheryl

5. watch yesterdays Oprah because a friend I went to Ricks college with is on it.

5 snacks I enjoy: who can say DIET!!!!! Oh, I mean way of living...

1. 100 calorie kettle corn

2. 90 calorie nestle dark chocolate crunch stixx

3. 60 calorie pudding

4. string cheese

5. carrots

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. Plastic surgurey

2. maid

3. my own place

4. someone to do my hair and make-up everyday (its a big waste of time)

5. date (I guess I have to resort to paying someone)

5 places I have lived:

1. FW

2. Rexburg

3. Provo/SLC

4. Oregon

5. Tacoma

Five jobs I have had:

1. Nursery at Balley's fitness club

2. Janitor at Matthew's Candy Co. (easiest $12.50 an hour--ever!!!! Thanks Dad)

3. Nordstrom Ass. Manger of Ladies Shoes

4. LMRC Adol Counsleor

5. Prevention Intervention Specialist

I tag...Carrol, Mack, Alicia & Jeremy and Ash

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Smoking Kills

One night I was watching CSI; Cameron was suppose to be sleeping but instead he was watching through his door sneaking a peak. On the TV a man lite up a cigar and the next thing you know it blows up and he is dead. Cameron comes running out asking all sorts of questions, "how did he die, what was that thing in his mouth, why is his face missing?" The questions went on and on...I was so frustrated that he was not in bed and probably more so that he was interrupting my time-lol! I put him back in bed and told him we would talk about this the next day. He remembers everything and sure enough the next day he flooded me with more questions. Most of you know I'm a Prevention Intervention Specialist (drug and alcohol counselor) and I give presentations all the time on tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc., to 12-18 year olds--NOT A FIVE YEAR OLD!!! I was wondering how I was ever going to dummy down a lesson. I tried my best and I know he got it because every time he sees someone smoking he lets them know they are going to die and smoking kills. Another lesson learned..."Cameron, smoking does kill people. However, it's their choice if they want to die or not--we don't need to tell them!"

I found this video (see below) and am so grateful that tobacco companies are not allowed to promote their products on the TV, radio, and cable anymore!!!

Check this out...

The Flinstones Winston Cigarette Commercial - Watch the top videos of the week here

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"I wanna be a wrestle man when I grow-up"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Magic

The whole white shirt to school really scared son is a slob, I wondered how I would ever keep it clean??? I was complaining to my step-mom one day and she told me she preferred her kids to wear white. I was shocked! Who puts kids in white clothes to play?
Then she shared her secret...X-14 Mold & Mildew.
Look at the results...

Yes, folks it's the same white's like new!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Party

Cameron started out wanting a Kung Fu Panda party and then he switched it to Spider man when he saw the "cool" cake!!! Back to the store I went to switch out all the party goods! Last year I planned games, prizes etc. and not one of the kids wanted to play. This year I thought why waste money and time trying to plan...they can play like they did last year....hahahahahehehehahahaha!

Note to self: At age 6 they want games!!!

Here is the party crew--

Happy Birthday Cameron...I really hoped you enjoyed the party even though there were 2 very lame, last minute games (I did not include any pics of those--too embarrassing)

When Cameron went and ordered his cake here is how the conversation went:

Baker: Hi, how can I help you

Cameron: I want a spider man cake

Baker: Chocolate or Vanilla?

Cameron: Chocolate

Baker: Do you want a filling?

Cameron: Just plain chocolate with lots and lots of cream

Cameron loves cream (cream=frosting). He does not eat cake only licks off all the cream. He is made for the corner pieces!

Cameron got some very cool toys

Garrett: 100 piece army set (fan favorite), Caleb: mot-control airplane, Wells girls: Lego starwars x-box game, Ricky: mot-control 4-wheeler and a Dark Knight action figure.

My mom, Gary and Vicki were all at the Husky/BYU game...I was grateful and delighted that Steve, Jamie and Keith were able to be here...during the party this is what my two brothers were doing. I guess I should of sent the kids into watch them!

I'm officially a soccer mom

Boy, do we have a big day!!!! Not only does Cameron have his first soccer game but he also his birthday party and I'm dragging him to another party in the evening...hope he holds up!!!!

Meet the Wolves

As you see from this picture there are 2 number 13's on the team...out of all the different number combinations a team of 6 has duplicates, hmmm??? Luckily the other #13 is his good friend Garrett.

I took a lot of pictures...

Oh, first water break...if you remember from soccer camp during the summer--Cameron constantly is needing water. It did not help that today was very warm!

Go Cameron!!!!!

It takes 2 to guard the goal?

I wonder if they got a good deal on the uniforms??????

Cameron finally quit...he was "all sweat" and too tired to continue. I finally dumped water in his hair and cooled him off and then he was ready to go again. Yes, this is the middle of the field and I ran out and took a picture.

The wolves won....YEA!!!! Final score 9-6.
Now we are off to the birthday party!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I have a new friend

Cameron came home from school today talking about his new friend, "mom, I met a new boy. He is a second grader and we played Pokemon at recess. He can run faster then me but he is so cool." My first thought is A SECOND GRADER!!!!! Then I settled down and just listened. He also told me about a boy in his class named Jobonnie, "you know is first name is Jo last name Bonnie." I looked at him weird and then asked him if was saying the name right and he said, "YES, Jobonnie!" He is loving school...especially recess x3.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm in Kindergarten

Today was the day...Cameron is off at Kindergarten and I sit here trying to figure out what I want to do. Luckily, I don't go back to work to till the 10th so I have a lot of free time on my hands. Last night Cameron made his lunch and put it in his new Dark Knight lunch bag...1/2 peanut butter & jelly sandwich, 1 black apple (red delicious), 8 mini Oreos, 16 mini Pringles, chocolate milk and water ("mom, I need water just in case I get thirsty"). Then we laid his new Dark Knight backpack--do you see a theme--out along with his school uniform (at first I was not happy about this...but they sure all look cute dressed the same).

"Look Mom, I'm smart like you!"

This morning after Coco Puffs and a small argument about doing his hair we headed out to wait for the bus...and wait...and wait...and wait! Just a few kinks--school starts at 8:51 and the bus arrived at 8:50. My mom is glad I don't work this week so I can work out all the kinks for her.

A huge bus for 3 kids!!!!

Okay, yes I'm one of those geeky moms who followed her kid to school and then snapped a picture. We might have laws that say no texting while driving or you must use a hands free device but there are NO laws about picturing taking.
Cameron went right in hung up his backpack and found his seat.

Just before I left he asked me how long he had to be there...I told him 6 hours. He gave me that look like I was torturing him, "6 hours mom, that is too long!"

The best part of the day is I left without melting down!!!!!