Thursday, March 5, 2009

Look what I got today

I have some pretty fabulous sisters...when we get together it's a riot...sometimes! Teri is over the top creative she makes some of the best gifts ever...take a look! Cards with my monogram!!!! She also sent a funky metal bookmark (Teri that's what it was right?) that she attached beads too. Thanks Teri for thinking of me!!! I love em'!

Another side note: I need to apologize to Steve!!! I posted my blog entry from last night and not 20 minutes later Steve, Jamie & Kensie called me!! Brother I love you and thanks for thinking of me on my day!!!! The even funnier part is he reminded Teri to call (ok, she was one of my 41 shout outs on Facebook!) Gotta love it!


Dallin said...

Whatever...he did not remind me to call..remember, I face booked you AND sent you a present...Steve can't even touch me!

DeDe said...

You are seriously so funny! I still haven't heard if my card will be "represented" in your tally?! Ha Ha!! P.S. Can Teri adopt me as a sister - I LOVE THE GREAT PRESENT IDEA - very creative! Love ya! :-)