Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's your favorite number?

I just noticed that today was September 29th! My favorite number is 29 and here is why; I got sober on the 29th of December, found out I was pregnant on that same day, got my licenses back on the 29th of June and Cameron was born on the 29th of August!! 29 is a good number!!!!

Look what I can do!!!!

Yep, I mowed my own yard!!!! Just wanted to show you proof!

Monday, September 28, 2009

It could be yours

My sister is giving away a necklace at mamathompson.blogspot.com!!!!!
Go Check It Out!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My street of dreams.......

Here is a virtual tour of my house.....

This is my front porch......I have this cute little sitting area that I don't get to utilize very much. I need to find a good book and have a seat!

I'm amazed at how cute my house turned out....I walk in after a long day and just smile. This place is mine and it's home!

My new favorite color is orange! I love ORANGE!!!! I even found a Chinese Lantern plant as my center pierce. Everybody thinks it's fake when they see it!

Cameron's play room

Cameron's very cool transformer room. There are still some things I'd like to do but it works for now!

My small but functional bathroom

My room....I have girl-a-fied it out!!!! The wall colors are so soothing and I've kept it clean and made my bed 97% of the time since we moved in. If you know me that's good!

I've been so blessed! When you do right great blessings do come! I wake up most days in awe!!!
Red Alert Red Alert Red Alert: We had a break through this morning.......Cameron woke up saying he likes his house and he feels comfortable. That makes me very happy!

What is really going on?????

For breakfast almost every morning (well, for the last 4 weeks) I have a chocolate smoothie.
1c light vanilla soy
1/3 c carnation instant breakfast
1 banana
5-6 ice cubes
it's yummy and very easy. Well, this morning I went to get my ice and look what I found between the ice cube trays.....

someone last night at my open house was pretty darn sneaky!
Thank you to whoever you are!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Teri, look what I did?

My sister Teri is sooooooooo creative (look here) and I attempted to copy her. I only had to call about 15x so I thought that was pretty good! Here is my new harvest mantel...what do you think?

I need to get something to put under my pumpkins but not sure what to do yet....that is my adventure for later today!

This new look only cost me $20!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do you love to shop?

I'm now selling handbags, sunglasses and SHOES!!!!! I'm so excited! My sister-in-law started a company in Vegas and I'm selling for her here. So, if you like to shop come over to my house or have a party and get free stuff.
Here is how it works:
Have at least 10 friends show up to your party and get a free pair of shoes, for every $250 sold get a free pair of shoes and you also get 25% off anything else you want to buy. The best part is the prices are all very reasonable; handbags are all $40 (get a free pair of sunglasses when you buy a bag), shoes are $25 and under and sunglasses $10. Have I already said I'm excited???? You have to come see they are all FABULOUS!!!
Who wants to throw a party???

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Keep on blog'n

I did another mass posting.....there are 4 in this bunch and I think I'm current again! Enjoy!

House Warming Party and Update

I wanted to send out cute invitations but ran out of time. So, instead I'm doing emails and posting here....love technology! If you would like to come to my house warming party on September 24th from 6 to 8 let me know and I'll give you my address! It's an open house so stay as long or as short as you like!

The house is coming along and Cameron and I are getting use to this HUGE change! The whole thing is still really weird but I like it! There are little things I'd still like to do but money is an issue since I'm not back to work yet.....patience Mandy have patience!

My Mom came over this week and helped finish the kitchen cabinets.....I love them! We trimmed the top cabinets out in orange and decided to leave the bottom plain. One day I might do the bottom but I was afraid it would be too much. The only thing left here is the curtains and I'm having some vinyl letters cut for the walls.....I can't wait!

My bathroom is finally done too......my Mom is a saint and finished painting the ceiling and I found these very cool pictures for the walls! I've been to a gazillion stores and then these just jumped out and they scream me! I can see from this picture that the frame about the towel is a little off centered....oh, maybe I'll fix it and maybe I won't!

Stop thief

I hope I can tell this story and it's not one of those that you had to be there to get it. Have you ever noticed at 7-11 they have heights on the door? You know just in case they are robbed they are able to give a better description....comes in pretty handy I'm sure! Well, I was at Home Depot a few weeks ago and was rather impressed that at each register they had a height thing. My first thought was 'Wow, they went to a lot of work and made these pretty fancy' and my second thought was 'do they really get robbed that much?' I didn't think much about it again and then the next week when I was back with a friend and we were buying trim for my cabinets I figured it all out.....
I'm laughing as I type this because I think of myself as rather smart sometimes but then there are times that I'm rather well....a ditz! So, the trim had a price on it of .59 cents and I thought that was CHEAP!!! I was getting 4 very long pieces of wood and it was going to cost me a little over $2.00! WOW!!! Little did I know that it's .59 cents a foot and those metal height things are to measure the wood not to figure out how tall a robber is......come on Mandy that things measures over 10 feet. Could you imagine a 10 foot man in a ski mask holding up the Home Depot????? I guess what was even more embarrassing is instead of keeping this whole story to myself I was laughing so hard at the register when I finally figured this all out that I shared it with everyone.

WHOA, those are big!

Picked up some new underwear and socks for Cameron on a great Target sale. Then on the first day of school I went to open the new pack so he could wear one and pulled out these gigantic pair.....with a big smile Cameron said, "it's OK Mom I can make them work they will fit!" I looked at the size and I had grabbed an extra large instead of a medium....oops! We had a good laugh!

Singles Campout

Time again for the annual Ensign Ranch Singles Campout! I've been attending for 6 years and each year I've had a HUGE assignment so this year I decided not to volunteer so I could take Cameron and we could have some fun. Well......with all the changes in our lives we aren't getting along very well and I'd rather stay home and not get along then not get along out in public! We went up just for Saturday and it was pouring down rain so 4 hours later we headed home!
Cameron instantly made friends with Mark who had the quad!

The circus was in town at the Ranch and Cameron had a great time!

Even better he ate an Airhead and his 4th tooth finally came out! The other day he was talking to my mom and I about his teeth and he kept referring to 5 teeth. I said, "Cameron you've only lost 4 teeth" and he reminded me very quickly, "No, I lost this tooth twice, remember?" I'd forgotten the dentist had to remove an extra tooth.

Horse rides are very popular at the Ranch but unfortunately all the slots get taken very quickly. So, we went on a wagon ride!

Here is Cameron's green fangs he won at the circus!!!!

Trying to scare Mom!

It was a good day I just wish the weather had cooperated!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I gotta feeling.......

Boom Boom Pow!!!!! This is what I was screaming.....totally excited about this concert! I was down on the floor, 25 feet from the stage, shak'n it with all the teens!!! This concert was FABULOUS!!!!!!!

They sang some of their old and a lot of their new...

Fergie is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!

she even sang 'Big Girl's Don't Cry!'

It rained really hard today but the sun did come out just in time for this concert!
Well worth the $55!!!!

Oh and by the way the 2 friends I went with both ditched me on the floor....yea, for being 35 and still got it going on!!!! Hey Teri, next time they come around it's you and me!!!!!