Monday, August 31, 2009

What do you have in your hand????

Cameron and his blankie (if you have not seen it it's blue fleece with planets all over it) are inseparable....I've worked really hard (ok, kinda of hard) the last year or so to have him leave it at home (unless he is spending the night somewhere) but sometimes I give him and allow him to take it in the car. He use to sit down and cry, "my blankie will be so sad if he has to stay home all by himself" or "my blankie needs a ride!" It's pathetic but I fall into the trap!!!!! So, now that I've given you a little background here is my story: Cameron and I went to the grocery store the other day and he some how snuck blankie by me and got it into the store.....

Mom: what do you have in your hand?
Cameron: (big huge smile) A beach towel with planets on it.
Mom: A beach towel? That's not your blankie????
Cameron: No, blankie is suppose to stay home so I brought a beach towel.
Mom: (laughing)

You have to hand it to him that was pretty quick!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Have you ever had your eyebrows threaded?

and it only cost $6.00!! I love it!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm in

It's official I've been in my house 2 weeks today! I don't have Internet at my house or a computer so updating the blog is a little difficult. I also don't have time to write about each picture so enjoy and if you have questions please ask!!! I or someone I love has touched every surface of my house....I never thought it would all come together! I have so many people who love me and willing helped me paint, put together furniture, hang blinds, scrap my ceilings, build me a hearth, install carpet, repair some plumbing, build a fence, paint my skylights and many many more. I keep singing Count your many Blessings! One of the coolest things I learned was how to use a power tool and did you know that a can of spray paint can take something from the 1980's and make it look like you just bought it yesterday??? WOW!!!! All I have left is to finish my orange kitchen and then I'll be having a party :)

I've got more but you'll have to wait!!!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

OMG (Goodness)

This post is dedicated to Vicki and to all you McDonald Ice cream Cone lovers:
Steve and I have found the spot! Have you ever noticed that each McDonald serves different size ice cream cones. Sometimes they have about 3 swirls amd other times you barely get 1 and it's melting and falling off the cone! Well, we were at SeaTac Mall (it will also be the SeaTac) and needed a treat...Tyler hooked us up with monster size cones we ever went back the next day and they did it again! Hey Vicki--when you get back from Vegas I'll treat you to one!!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

some fairies came for a visit

My theme song for the week is, 'Count your many Blessings!' I've been so blessed....while I was basking in the sun for a week my wonderful mom and sister worked on my house. They finished my living room and the only thing left to do is the kitchen....YIPEE!!!

Also the youth in my ward came over and painted my porch and weeded my gardens! My porch bling is going to look great now!

and there is friend Scott made me a hearth and I LOVE IT!!!!! Did you hear me??? I LOVE IT!!!! I sat on the floor of my house just staring at!! I'm going to stain the mantle the same color but look how great it looks!

I've worked today to complete the kitchen.....the house is about 95% done! Yea, moving in is right around the corner!!!!!