Friday, January 23, 2009

Drum roll please....

I want to start out by saying there was NO...yes I said NO melt downs...he was so excited to see him mom, Grandma Anderson and G&G Jones! Matter of fact he told me that he wanted to cry and when I asked why he was sad he said, "because I'm so happy!"

Here is the Principal and Cameron's teacher Ms. McKay

Cameron receiving his award for Academic Achievement and Effort

My camera was acting a little strange or maybe it's the operator...hmmmm?

Each class member who received an award got their picture taken together

Here are some of Cameron's friends...the second boy to the left of Cameron is Sergio. Now, last week Cameron came home and told me that Sergio was his friend and that he is very naughty and always gets into trouble. Cameron also told me that he was naughty with Sergio on the playground:
Mom: "So, what did you two do?"
Cameron: "We ran around and said a bad word"
Mom: "Are you suppose to say bad words?"
Cameron: "NO!"
Mom: "What did you two say?"
Cameron: "We said butt!"
Mom: "Cameron are you suppose to say butt?"
Cameron: "NO, but we did!"
Great it's butt now and what will it be when he is older?
One proud Mama...

Cameron and Ms. Mckay

Thursday, January 22, 2009

shhhh it's a surprise...

I received this letter last week in the mail...I'M A PROUD MOM!!!!! So, tomorrow is the big day and he has no idea that he is receiving an award or that his grandparents and I will be there too!!! I wonder how he'll take us being there....I bet he has a melt down! Any wagers?

If you could change something what would it be?

Cameron learned about Martin Luther King this week...he was asked if he could change something what would it be??? I guess Cameron wants to go live with cousin Dallin in Utah...hmmm???

Where has the time gone????

I'm slacking off on blogger....please forgive me!!! I do have lots to share but life is really hectic and I can't seem to get focused! I will be back.....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Look what Santa brought me

Cameron has been begging for goggles for months...Santa finally broke down and got him a pair. What a nice guy!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

She loves her dress!!!

I've made several posts over the last few days so keep reading! Kensie is in love with her dress...while Cameron was eating breakfast he noticed Kensie was standing on top of the heat register, "mom, look her dress is puffed up...quick we need a picture!" We are so glad that she is staying with us a little longer!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Vicki, I'll let you win if you play with me...

That is Cameron's favorite line these days and NO he does not let you win! He is not only good at winning but also keeping track of where you're at, what place everyone is in, who just slipped on a banana etc. I can barely stay on the road! Cameron was trying to teach Kensie how to play but she was only interested in watching...then Aunt Vicki showed up and she got sucked into Mario Cart!!!

Oh look, she is still in her pretty princess dress!!!!

Here is a video of Aunt Vicki's playing funny!!!!