Monday, March 9, 2009

My name is Mandy Jones

You can often find me at the local Circle K store roughly 4 days out of the week. I love fountain drinks and since giving up caffeine (Diet Pepsi...oh, how I miss you!) a year and a half ago I've found a new favorite...caffeine free Diet Coke (most of you are thinking what's the point?) and they have it on tap there! Today, even though I was running late I made my morning stop. After filling up my 32 oz. cup I made my way to the counter and here is how the conversation went:

Circle K Lady: Good Morning!
Me: Good Morning!
Circle K Lady: You're not on your phone?
Me: Uh?
Circle K Lady: Every morning you're on your phone.
Me: (at this point I'm thinking of all the embarrassing things they know about me and have heard me say...oh my!)
Me: Oh you're right...that's funny....believe it or not I have not used it yet today!
Circle K Lady: We refer to you as the phone lady around here.
Me: Wow, that's sad!!! (trying not to laugh too hard) Well, my name is Mandy Jones.
Circle K Lady: Good, now we can call you Mandy the phone lady!!!

I'm still laughing so hard it hurts!!! What I have a nickname at the local convenience store??? What has my life turned into?????? I guess it could be a whole lot worse! I'm going to make it a point to never be on my phone again in that store...ever! So, if we are talking and I pull in please don't think I'm being rude when I abruptly hang up on you.


DeDe said...


Stephanie said...

SOOOO FUNNY!!! Hilarious!!!

Dallin said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying...that is AWESOME!!!!

Jamie said...

Mandy that is hilarious!!

Unguren said...

I heart fountain drinks too. Diet Dr. Pepper...yum! They only have that on tap at 7-11. We go in there a lot too and we always get slurpies for the kids but we like the regular flat lids and not the slurpie lids (they spill way to easy.) But, they never have the flat lids out that fit the slurpie cups so we always have to ask...the other day I went in and the lady behind the counter said "Oh, you are the flat lid lady." Even before I asked. I guess it is nice to be known, even if it is for flat lids.

Jamie said...

Hahhahaha... that's so funny, I totally cracked up... (Steve didn't think it was as funny because he has a more evolved sense of humor.... whatever)

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

that is so funny! i'm sorry you spilled your drink though! it probably won't take you long to get that free one again! :)

amie979 said...

You're lucky that's all they call you HAHA. When I was in customer service we wouldn't even help you if you were on your phone. MWHAHAHA We were evil little brats I guess.

PS I love Caffeine Free Diet Coke. Makes me feel like I'm chosing healthy haha