Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm finally getting it!!!

Cameron and I have had the last several days off together and we've made the most of it. First, we invited Cameron's cousins over for a slumber party and the three of them had lots of fun. I was hoping to get out and do something but with the weather and the Wii I failed!!!

Between rain showers I did get them to go outside for a minute and I mean a minute!

Cameron and Ian

Silence is golden around here....I couldn't believe how fast the three of them fell asleep

Then today Cameron, Brandi and I hit the Family Fun Center, went shopping and watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Cameron and I just finished the book but unfortunately he was less than interested in the movie, "Mom, let's just stick with the books next time!" Good thing we went to the $2 theater.

"I'm Funky Kong!"

Here is the best news ever.....I think I'm finally getting this whole coupon thing or at least I scored here. Guess what my total was for all of this?????

That means I only spent .91 an item!!! SCORE!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

and he's off

Cameron was so excited to go on his "special trip" although he had no clue where or what he would be doing. That morning on the way to school he told his friend about his special trip and that I always pack his clothes in a back pack when he goes with other GG but this time I packed his stuff in a suitcase.

he's already to go!

they finally told him....

Mim called me after they checked in and said Cameron was all smiles and had told her that this was AWESOME!!!!

Yes, you hear my dad telling me that he was giving me his only key to his car. He also told me that Amway people drive real expensive cars so it appears that they make the big bucks....then he goes on to say that he didn't want me driving his car to my handbag show and make it look like I was rolling in the dough. What the Saturn doesn't make everyone think I have buckets and buckets of money. Oh, that's right only people who drive Volvos or Audis have buckets. Right Teri?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

He heard me

Cameron and I are usually running around like mad dogs in the morning trying to get out the door and for awhile we were doing really good about saying our prayers but now they are on the fly and in the car :(

Yesterday I asked Cameron to please pray while I drive; "Dear Heavenly Father.......please bless that it will be sunny and warm so that I can ride my bike and that this rain will go away!" I secretly laughed because he has no idea that tomorrow he's leaving for California where it's currently 70 and tomorrow it will be 76.

Then today on the way to Grandma's it was bright and sunny and he says, "mom, he heard me he answered my prayers!"

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I got a new bike

I've been trying for a couple of weeks to get to the store to buy Cameron his new bike. Of course when my dad gets there to pick it up for me it's gone up $11 dollars! UGH!!!

Yesterday my Dad and Cameron went out biking and had a great time!!! Cameron loves his new bike and I can't wait to go with him!

When I pulled into the neighbor yesterday I saw them biking so I let out a friendly honk. I scarred Cameron to death and he almost crashed....silly me!

Just in case you're wondering Vicki and I went out biking Friday evening on the interurban trail....we are planning on some fun rides this summer!!!!

Best Mother's Day Weekend Ever

It's been a long school year and I'm exhausted!!!! A little rest and relaxation was sure needed; so, Cameron and I and a couple friends took off to Snoqualmie to stay in this cabin. We had a great time, I got to veg and relax and the weather was spectacular!!!

Here is the cabin

the view from my bed

the view from the street

I love this little boy!

We watched movies, went for walks, played in the snow and played lots of wii.
Cameron wanted to wear shorts but he also had to sport the boots for the snow.

My friend Brandi and her two step daughters Kayla and Savannah

On our walks we found a river and a small waterfall

Cameron was amazed by the beauty and made comments about it all weekend. I took this picture as he was telling me how he was going to miss this place.

After we got all packed up we stopped by Snoqualmie falls. There was a ton of people there, took us 30 min to park and the observation deck was closed but we still got to see this....

On the way back to the car Cameron said, "I'm not old enough to get you a present so this year I'm giving you love!"

We had a great time together and I told Cameron love is the best present of all!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's and Other's Lunch

At Cameron's school this year they put on a Mother's and Other's lunch. Cameron got to invite one special person to come in and have lunch with him. The kids even wrote poems to read! 'Other' Grandma was the lucky winner but unfortunately due to some scheduling conflicts that fell through (Mim, if your reading this we love you no matter what....she feels horrible and this post is certainly not to make her feel worse)!!! Luckily, Aunt Vicki is on leave from her knee surgery and she was able to attend.

McDee's nuggets, fries and a chocolate milk = best lunch ever!

Vicki had a great time she and even braved the playground with her cane!!! Thanks Vic!

On a side note: Cameron has no clue that in 8 days he'll be boarding a plane with 'Other' Grandma and Grandpa to head to CA to visit Kensie!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

Can you name that tune?
I know Vicki can because one Christmas I unwrapped 2 cassette tapes (to peak of course) and I liked the one she was getting better so I switched the tags. I think I did that with Nordstrom sweaters my Grandma got us too. Ohhh....I was naughty!!!

My bike rack came on Friday and there was no assembly required....I love that!!!! So, Saturday I went out and bought a bike. Some of my friends are making fun of me because I bought a $100 Walmart special! I don't care it works and Cameron and I can go ride. Look how cool my car looks with the rack on back!

Yesterday Cameron wanted to go for a bike ride so bad but it kept raining, the wind was blowing and it was freezing.

C: Mom, can we please go!
M: Let's try tomorrow it's cold buddy
C: We can put our hoods on and our will be ok.
M: Ok, one time around the block

I thought I was going to die it was so cold. While riding with him I realized his bike is way to small so guess what??? We'll be buying him a new one soon. I have a little bit of $$ left from Uncle Sam and I just put his old bike on Craig's list for $20. Anyone need a bike?

Just in case you were wondering the tune is from the Pointer Sisters!!!

Wrapped nicely was one Pointer Sisters tape and a Chicago tape. I guess the Pointer Sisters were more exciting then Chicago. I love you Vicki!!!!

Gross I'm not eating that

Cameron is very picky. Today I made some soup (out of a bag) and thought if I served it with bread he would not complain. He complained but he ate it!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mom is #1

Cameron is away at the cabin with Aunt Ruth this weekend and she just texted me and said the GREATEST thing ever; "I asked Cameron if this was the best weekend ever. He looked at me and said NO....but it would be if my mom was here!"