Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bathroom Revamp

My bathroom was soooooooooo gross!
Several months ago I attempted to caulk my bathtub, I did a horrible job and the tub grew mold. I tried everything to clean it but nothing worked. I also had shower doors that were not working properly and never looked clean no matter what I did, so it was time for a little summer revamp. My mom came over on Friday and we removed the doors, scraped everything down and caulked the whole tub properly. I love it and it looks so clean!!!

I forgot to take a picture of the doors still hanging but I think you get the idea

Everything scraped and ready to go

Awe, a fresh new look...

Cameron was at my dad's so on the way home I told him I changed things a little and he said, "Can I get a little bit of me in there. I'm tired of all this girl stuff."

I still want to paint the cabinet and light fixture, get new sink and shower fixtures but that will have to come at a later time!!