Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's's here!!!

Have you heard how much I love my birthday??? Well, it's a pretty amazing day! Here is what happened today...first you must read your birthday horoscope: "Your creative impulses are very strong this year, and if you haven't already, you may very well get in touch with the artist in you! You may find that your mind (and perhaps speech!) races frequently. It's an especially strong period in your life for enterprise and personal opportunities, as well as interpersonal relationships. Relationships are warm, friendly, and beneficial this year." Hmmm...nothing too exciting! Then you just enjoy the day with no expectations...let me tell you that's hard! And of course end the day with a yummy meal somewhere (Cameron and I went to Red Robin--he picked it). Today I received a lot of love from family and friends (ok, mostly friends). My dad was the first to call me at 7:05 am and the phone, email, and texts have been buzzing ever since. Here is the tally so far (I just counted them for blogging purposes only):
Phone Calls: 6
Text messages: 11
Emails: 5
Facebook shout outs: 41
Birthday Cards: 3 (thank you DeDe)
Wow, I'm feeling the love! All in all it was not a bad day! Just think there is still 3 more days left to celebrate this week!!!
Just a few side notes: if my future husband is reading this...I want you to celebrate my birthday like my cousin Hannah...see here!!!! Oh yea let's not forget this brother Steve's birthday was last month and I sent him a text. He did not ever reply so I called him 2 days later to see how his day was and to make sure he got the text. He informed me that texting 'happy birthday' is very impersonal and he now knows how it feels and he won't be texting anyone on their birthday...he'll call instead. Hey, Steve you totally forgot to call me...a simple text would have been nice!


Jamie said...

I swear we didn't read this before we called you... I totally remembered :-)

Unguren said...

I did not give you a shout out on Facebook nor did I text Happy Birthday.

P.S. if you sign up for red robins email they send you coupons for free burgers on you birthday. Consider this my gift to you. Your welcome.

The Snedegers said...

I Hoper you Birthday was Wonderful!!!

DeDe said...

You didn't mention Birthday cards... I hope you got mine! :-)