Sunday, December 6, 2009

Secret Elf

See the train under the tree??? That is Cameron's advent train. In each drawer there is a Hershey Kiss that he pulls out every morning....we got this train from my dad and step mom a couple of years ago and Cameron loves it!!!! Well, last year a little elf started visiting and every once in awhile will leave a little gift. He's back!!!!!!

Cameron was sooooo excited when he saw a gingerbread train under the tree and of course had to put it together right then.

The train is much better than the house because the house you have to wait 4 hours for the frosting to dry before you can decorate....way too long for a kid to have to wait.

Now all he talks about is wanting to eat it!!!!!


Mama Thompson said...

My target was all out and I was bummed....gonna have to hit another target to see if we can find one...turned out SO cute. Oh...and Lil D doesn't want candy in his advent train...he plays with it like a toy...dragging it all over the house:)

Unguren said...

That train is so cute. We just bought a house kit from Costco...I think we are going to put it together tonight.