Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shop with a Cop

A counselor friend and I were talking a couple of weeks back and she asked me if I'd be interested in attending Shop with a Cop which is held in Kent each year. I told her's an opportunity for kids to have positive interactions with police officers and the kids each get $50 to spend anyway they want. So, this morning we headed to the Covington Walmart where there were hordes of kids and a ton of police officers, marshals and state patrol. On the way there Cameron had told me that we was going to buy something for his mom, cousin Kensie and himself. Once we got there the plan changed and he wanted to only get things for himself (sorry Kensie).

Here he is with Officer ??? (horrible I can't remember his name now) and 2 other little boys.

The officers all shopped with the kids and let them pick out anything they wanted. Cameron of course wanted a new DS game, 3 pack Pokemon set and a new Bakugan. Grand total $49.97!

What a fun morning!!! I was so impressed with Cameron.....he had his stuff picked out really quick and one of the little boys that was with us was very slow at choosing but Cameron patiently waited for 30 minutes. Wow, I'm loving this!!!!


Anonymous said...

So neat, I actually just heard about it on the radio today- what a great event!

Unguren said...

That is cool that they get money. Can adults shop with the cops? Because I would be ok with that.

Sheri said...

Very cute!! What a good kid!