Wednesday, December 16, 2009

White elephant tears

Yesterday at one of my schools we had an elephant exchange....the rules were it needed to be something from home that you no longer use. While people were opening their gifts I couldn't believe that some people kept this stuff around.....there was a plastic fish tank you mount to a wall, a cat painting that someone actually bid on at an auction not realizing it was a cat, a movie about Santa and aliens, fruit cake, old mugs, stinky lotion and many more.

I was the 27th person to pick so I was keeping my eye out for something that looked fun for Cameron and I and then I spotted the violin. It plays 8 Christmas tunes, comes with a bow and a small stand, it can play on it's own or you can play it with the bow. It reminds me of those annoying plush things that make music or talk when you push the button....Cameron loves those things!!!!

It's my turn to pick and I steal the's been sitting there since person #5 drew so I thought I was safe. As I sat there daydreaming about Cameron and I playing with it someone stole it from me. It's a white elephant party and that's suppose to happen but my reaction was priceless......................................I started to cry!!!!

I was so embarrassed, I couldn't believe I was crying over a dumb and I mean dumb white elephant crap present. I tried to cover it up with laughter but this emotion shocked not only me but the other 30 people in the room. The teacher tried to give it back but I said No and picked another gift.

I picked a 1983 Seahawks puzzle that comes in a Olympia beer tube (like the Tootsie roll tubes)....Sharon and Nick will be the lucky owners of that real soon! I was happy with my pick and sat back down. The little violin got stolen again from the thief who stole it from me and then at the end of the party it was given to me....ahhhhhh!!!!

Here is Cameron playing with it.....he played with it till he went to bed last night, then he got up this morning and played with it, we had a sing-a-long on the way to Grandma's and he was so excited to show her too!!!!


The Snedegers said...

That is such a cute story. Dont you love how emotions come over you and you have no idea why and you cant make it stop? So much fun being a woman!!! Ps. my mom owns one of those violins lol!

Jamie said...

I'm telling you... you're the next Mary :-) Merry Christmas! lol... I love you, see you soon!!

DeDe said...