Thursday, December 3, 2009

RX day three

Hallelujah is was another successful day!!!! This is our routine the last 2 days:
  1. Cameron comes into my room and crawls into my bed
  2. I get up, get a cup of ice water (the special blue one with stripes) and a straw
  3. I crawl back into bed and put 2 pillows behind Cameron so he can sit up
  4. He drinks half of the water
  5. I place the pill on his tongue
  6. He drinks his water, swishes it around and down the pill goes
  7. Then he smiles real big, "I did it" and then requests a piece of chocolate :D

My friend Nancy who walks Cameron to school a couple days a week for me called me this am; she said she can tell the RX is working, "every time I walk to school I have to practically run to keep up with the boys today I was walking and Cameron asked me to slow down!"

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Anonymous said...

That makes me want to cry- you are such an amazing Mom Mandy!!!