Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's t-ball time!!!!

I'm one proud Mom today!!!!! Cameron had his first t-ball game tonight...he did great for only having one practice! We started off this morning with t-ball team pictures and then his game. He makes me laugh...out on the field talking to himself, flexing his muscles (thanks Uncle Steve) and getting angry at his team because, "that was my ball!!!" Matter of fact he quit in the third inning because he was getting no action on the field, "It's my turn to get the ball and their not sharing!" Boy, we have a lot to learn!
This is Cameron first time up to bat!!!

Cameron played first base and thought that was really cool!


Dallin said...

I may not be able to handle D doing t-ball...utter chaos! I love that Cameron will never get "out" for throwing a bat....and I think he may have the attention span of Uncle Steve. Those videos are AWESOME!!!

Jamie said...

Hahaha, I love the flexing! He did great, especially for only having one practice...