Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some cool things we saw along the way

I love to take pictures and wish I was better at it...maybe I should take a class, hmmmm? Anyways, here are some things we saw along the family was tired of pulling over so there are a lot of things I missed!
Mt. Shasta

We saw this on the way down but it was on the other side of the road...Cameron was sleeping so he was very excited to see the Tin Dragon on our home!

I thought this was the Tin Dragon so I hollered to pull over...oops it's a Tin Cow! Cameron said, "I think the Dragon transformed into the Cow as a disguise!" He has an active imagination...the dragon was down the way about 2o min later!

You may not enjoy this picture as much as I do but I laughed so hard it hurt (I was unable to get a picture on the way to CA)!!!!!! So, I made my family stop again so I could take another picture...this picture is priceless!!!!! Welcome to Weed California?

We experienced just about every weather possible this past week....sun, rain, snow, sleet, thunder....the snow is pretty but I'm really ready to have spring!

One more funny thing....Vicki spotted a turkey running through a field and tried to show Cameron.
Vicki: Look, there is a wild turkey!
Cameron: How wild is it?
He never did see the thing!!!! He is sooo funny!

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amie979 said...

HAHA We saw all those same things, and I wanted Armand to stop so I could take pics so bad!! Good to see that I wasn't the only one fascinated by Weed, California. I couldn't stop laughing at the fact that Weed had THREE extis...please there was nothing there hahah