Friday, April 10, 2009

6 Flags Discovery Kingdom

This was the best day of the whole trip! The weather was great, the lines were short and there were lots and lots of smiles!

I tried to get a picture of all of us but it never can see Jamie in the background! Not sure where Steve, David or Cameron ran off to!!

I still have a lot of guilt about deciding not to take Cameron to Disney World a year a half, I was so excited for this day!!! This is Cameron's first roller coaster ride and boy did he love it....he rode it +10x!!!! The first couple times he wanted me right next to him, then he sat in front of me and by the end he wanted to ride it all by himself!

If you know my brother you know he loves to show off...Cameron wanted a toy and Steve had an opportunity to flex his muscles and I got to pay the $5!

This is the best picture my brother Steve!!!! He even won a Taz stuffed animal for Cameron!

When I was a kid I could go on all the rides that went upside down and all around....since having Cameron they make me sick pretty quick! So, I have to be very selective on what I choose to go on! Unfortunately, this ride was not for me!

Cameron loves his cousins but he has a very hard time sharing and getting a long with them...he tells me that he loves being their older brother (hello you're cousins)....I guess that gives him the right to be bossy!

Cameron did not want to go near the characters. I had to be very creative to get the pictures I did!!! Kensie on the other hand loves them!

Success I got a picture: Cameron wanted to show Tweetie his new Taz toy that is "strong" Uncle Steve won for him...ahhhh, a Kodak moment!

Welcome to Thomas Town....this was very exciting but then when we got there it really was no big deal!!! However, the kids got to ride on Harold, Bertie the bus and Thomas the Train!!!! How could Steve sleep through such excitement???

Cameron loved all the rides and was a pretty good sport when the adults wanted to go on rides too!

Not only were there very fun rides there were very cool animals to look at. We saw a dolphin show and a whale show (the whale show sucked). These pictures don't even look real but they are!

Cameron loves reptiles, "I've never seen a real alligator before."

I did not get any pictures of the 7 month old baby tigers...Cameron was asking the trainer all sorts of questions:
Cameron: What do they eat?
Trainer: They eat kids who don't listen to their parents
You should have seen the look of fear on Cameron's face...we all died laughing!!!
Cameron: You're kidding??
Trainer: Yes, they eat meat

Cameron thought this ride was pretty cool, "mom, it's the tiger mobile!" Can you see the huge turtle in the background?

I did ride a couple of rides....the rickety wooden roller coaster which gives you a headache, I also rode another ride that I was pressured to get on but so glad that I's one of those upside down, real fast, strike a pose while you're upside down kinda rides--get it? And then I went on the Medusa (Cameron wanted to go on this ride too but was to short)!!! Have you ever been strapped to a chair, with your feet dangling precariously while your 150-feet off the ground? Better yet, have you ever been strapped to a chair that flies through a powerful series of twists, turns and inversions at speeds in excess of 60 mph? I have and it made me a little sick!

As I mentioned earlier I had to be very creative to get Cameron to get take pictures with the, he took a picture of me and then I took a picture of him!!!!

This was the best trip ever!!!!!!!!!


Dallin said...

I fully agree...and thanks for the fantastic pictures I have now stolen to add to my scrapbook!!! This was a super fun day!!! I need to email you a couple pics I took of Cameron on some other rides.

Anonymous said...

i'm jealous! looks like a lot of fun :)

Jamie said...

It would appear I am married to a retarded super hero... thanks :-)