Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Want to laugh...go watch a t-ball game

I've seen some of the funniest things in the last couple of weeks; kids tackling each other for the ball, running the wrong direction on the bases, playing in the dirt and throwing it, chasing birds, using the bat as a gun (see below) and passing up a player on the base to get to the next (Cameron). I've also experienced a whole lot of meltdowns and frustrating moments from my dear lovable are some of the comments I've heard; "he took my ball," "someone stole my mitt," "I'm thirsty," "I quit," "I'm hot," "it's cold," "I'm hungry," "this game is dumb," "that man won't let me bat," "I'm not tucking my shirt in," "I don't want to play," and it goes on and on and on. He is the only one you hear complaining too!
On Saturday Cameron was crying because someone stole his glove and hat (it was in the dug out he just did not see it) so whilehe was over with me he missed his turn to bat and that really threw him over the edge. So here is a picture of him in the dug out refusing to play.

According to Cameron t-ball is boring so let's shoot at the parents with the bat!

At the game yesterday something complaints, he stayed with his team, no tears and he got to play catcher. He was more interested in calling foul balls and strikes but at least he was out there playing.

If Cameron could bat all day long he would be a happy boy!

Slid'n into first base!!!!!!!!

Who knows if he'll stick with this sport but at least were giving it a try!!!

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