Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where have you lived?

On our way back from California we decided to drive through Albany, OR and find our old house. I have a crappy memory and was surprised when we drove down the main road that I remembered my bus stop, the street we lived on--we were even able to tell my mom she passed the street and then I even remembered the house! I was in the 2nd grade when we lived here!Here are a few memories I have: being left alone one night and someone or something scared Vicki, Teri and I so we hid behind the TV stand till my parents came home, the big empty field behind our house we use to play in (now there are a ton of houses), riding my bike with no shoes and sticking my foot in the spokes--I think I ended up in the hospital, the strawberry shortcake parade and actually having that yummy dessert at the end, and...................

peeing my pants on the way home from the bus! Our bus stop was on the other side of those trees and one day I did not make it home...oops!

Here is our school....I don't remember going here but I do remember the name!

This is the stinky paper always knew when you were close to home. However, it did not smell this time!

Where have you lived???
  1. Provo, UT (1974)
  2. Seattle, WA (1974)
  3. Vancouver, WA (1975)
  4. Albany, OR (1980)
  5. Redmond, WA (1983)
  6. Beaverton, OR (1984)
  7. Federal Way, WA (1985)
  8. Rexburg, ID (1992)
  9. Provo, UT (1995)
  10. SLC, UT (1995)
  11. Federal Way, WA (1995)
  12. Tacoma, WA (1996)
  13. Federal Way, WA (2001)

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Unguren said...

I only ever imagine your whole family in the house your mom still lives in. Funny...I guess I just figured that is where you always lived. I have been enlightened.