Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm officially a soccer mom

Boy, do we have a big day!!!! Not only does Cameron have his first soccer game but he also his birthday party and I'm dragging him to another party in the evening...hope he holds up!!!!

Meet the Wolves

As you see from this picture there are 2 number 13's on the team...out of all the different number combinations a team of 6 has duplicates, hmmm??? Luckily the other #13 is his good friend Garrett.

I took a lot of pictures...

Oh, first water break...if you remember from soccer camp during the summer--Cameron constantly is needing water. It did not help that today was very warm!

Go Cameron!!!!!

It takes 2 to guard the goal?

I wonder if they got a good deal on the uniforms??????

Cameron finally quit...he was "all sweat" and too tired to continue. I finally dumped water in his hair and cooled him off and then he was ready to go again. Yes, this is the middle of the field and I ran out and took a picture.

The wolves won....YEA!!!! Final score 9-6.
Now we are off to the birthday party!


Twisted Sister said...

What did you do for his birthday if you didn't do any games?

John and Jaime said...

You got some awesome pictures. I love the one of him in the middle of the field laying
down...priceless. You have officially reached "soccermomhood".