Thursday, September 18, 2008

Smoking Kills

One night I was watching CSI; Cameron was suppose to be sleeping but instead he was watching through his door sneaking a peak. On the TV a man lite up a cigar and the next thing you know it blows up and he is dead. Cameron comes running out asking all sorts of questions, "how did he die, what was that thing in his mouth, why is his face missing?" The questions went on and on...I was so frustrated that he was not in bed and probably more so that he was interrupting my time-lol! I put him back in bed and told him we would talk about this the next day. He remembers everything and sure enough the next day he flooded me with more questions. Most of you know I'm a Prevention Intervention Specialist (drug and alcohol counselor) and I give presentations all the time on tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc., to 12-18 year olds--NOT A FIVE YEAR OLD!!! I was wondering how I was ever going to dummy down a lesson. I tried my best and I know he got it because every time he sees someone smoking he lets them know they are going to die and smoking kills. Another lesson learned..."Cameron, smoking does kill people. However, it's their choice if they want to die or not--we don't need to tell them!"

I found this video (see below) and am so grateful that tobacco companies are not allowed to promote their products on the TV, radio, and cable anymore!!!

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