Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Party

Cameron started out wanting a Kung Fu Panda party and then he switched it to Spider man when he saw the "cool" cake!!! Back to the store I went to switch out all the party goods! Last year I planned games, prizes etc. and not one of the kids wanted to play. This year I thought why waste money and time trying to plan...they can play like they did last year....hahahahahehehehahahaha!

Note to self: At age 6 they want games!!!

Here is the party crew--

Happy Birthday Cameron...I really hoped you enjoyed the party even though there were 2 very lame, last minute games (I did not include any pics of those--too embarrassing)

When Cameron went and ordered his cake here is how the conversation went:

Baker: Hi, how can I help you

Cameron: I want a spider man cake

Baker: Chocolate or Vanilla?

Cameron: Chocolate

Baker: Do you want a filling?

Cameron: Just plain chocolate with lots and lots of cream

Cameron loves cream (cream=frosting). He does not eat cake only licks off all the cream. He is made for the corner pieces!

Cameron got some very cool toys

Garrett: 100 piece army set (fan favorite), Caleb: mot-control airplane, Wells girls: Lego starwars x-box game, Ricky: mot-control 4-wheeler and a Dark Knight action figure.

My mom, Gary and Vicki were all at the Husky/BYU game...I was grateful and delighted that Steve, Jamie and Keith were able to be here...during the party this is what my two brothers were doing. I guess I should of sent the kids into watch them!

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