Tuesday, September 23, 2008


10 years ago I:

Do I really have to admit this...nothing good!!! I'll leave it at that! For those that know me, you already know it was a rough spot of my life to say the least :)

5 things on today's "to do" list:

1. laundry

2. give Cameron a bath

3. call and cancel this Diet tea crap I got a free sample of

4. send a card to Cheryl

5. watch yesterdays Oprah because a friend I went to Ricks college with is on it.

5 snacks I enjoy: who can say DIET!!!!! Oh, I mean way of living...

1. 100 calorie kettle corn

2. 90 calorie nestle dark chocolate crunch stixx

3. 60 calorie pudding

4. string cheese

5. carrots

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. Plastic surgurey

2. maid

3. my own place

4. someone to do my hair and make-up everyday (its a big waste of time)

5. date (I guess I have to resort to paying someone)

5 places I have lived:

1. FW

2. Rexburg

3. Provo/SLC

4. Oregon

5. Tacoma

Five jobs I have had:

1. Nursery at Balley's fitness club

2. Janitor at Matthew's Candy Co. (easiest $12.50 an hour--ever!!!! Thanks Dad)

3. Nordstrom Ass. Manger of Ladies Shoes

4. LMRC Adol Counsleor

5. Prevention Intervention Specialist

I tag...Carrol, Mack, Alicia & Jeremy and Ash

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Dallin said...

It was actually 24.50 an hour...or 50 bucks for 2...okay really..we got paid 50 a day regardless of how long we were there...More like easiest 500 a month ever!

Keep'n up with the Cameron said...

Either you're wrong or dad stiffed me...I will send him a bill for my other half. Being the oldest SUCKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't look at your blog it makes me miss camron and you of course.

anniewalkfam said...

you always make me laugh. i was thinking about you yesterday and how happy I am that you aren't were you were 10 years ago. you really are an amazing person!

Twisted Sister said...

Love it Mandy! And who was the friend from Ricks on Oprah? Do I know them?

Don't hate me because I don't do the tag. I have a strict policy against doing them. I like reading them, it just stresses me out to try and write them.