Friday, September 26, 2008

Mom, he kept touching me

The third week of school just ended and Cameron has done pretty good... Well, compared to the first week-lol (keep reading)!!! In Cameron's class they have a green, yellow, red system for behavior. The goal is to stay on green and if you get to red then you have to go on time out. Cameron is a talker (go figure) and was having a hard time staying on green for a few days. We made a deal that if he gets 5 green days then he could buy lunch twice in a week. I thought this was a GREAT idea...unfortunately, he has not liked any of the school lunches so far--not even chicken and fry day. Some motivator??? New game plan, 10 green days...chocolate ice cream at 31 Flavors, mmmmm!

Everyday after school we talk about his day; what he liked best, what he learned, who he played with and of course the dreaded color of the day. Here is one of our conversations:

Mom: "Cameron how was school today?"
Cameron: "Good"
M: "Did you stay on green?"
C: "NO, I moved to red" (sad look on face)
M: "What happened?"
C: "I don't know"
M: "Cameron, come on you know what happened"
C: "I don't remember"
M: "I need you to remember...its important"
C: "I don't know...I'm not talking anymore" (he begins to get a little frustrated)

right in the middle of our conversation the phone rings and the caller ID reads FW school district. As I'm talking to the teacher you can tell Cameron figures out (you should of seen his face) who is on the phone and what they are telling me.

M: "Cameron did you punch someone today?"
C: "Yes, he kept touching me...I told him to stop but he would not listen!!!"

I love teachable moments...Cameron came home the next day and let me know they are now friends.


Jamie said...

Oh heavens that is funny!! Sammy has the green day system also, but their teacher has a prize box at the end of the week that they get to pick out of. It is somthing small like a pencil or stickers, but ice cream would be a great reward because then we all get some!!!

Dallin said...

Your title made me a little nervous at first....if Dallin did that, David would be so proud...Dallin is soooo passive hen other kids bug him, David is afraid he is going to get bullied...he wants to teach him punch...nice huh?

amie979 said...

OOOOOHHHHH I am SO NOT looking forward to those days!!

Anonymous said...

hahhaha! we all got a huge kick out of this. i remember one time i was put on red for throwing a huge paper ball at this kid's eye because he wouldn't stop poking me, i didn't understand why i was in trouble, he poked me first!