Monday, July 21, 2008

Soccer Camp Day 1

What an eventful first 20 minutes.
9:05 Cameron walks over and says, "Mom, I quit." Not to sure what that was all about but he attempted to pack his ball and head for the car. Then after I bribed him (I know I suck) he headed back to the field.

The guy in the yellow is Coach Spike he is an exchange student from Whales, "Mom, he talks so cool!"

9:10 Cameron lost his first tooth (FINALLY). It was way ready yesterday but he refused to let Uncle Steve yank it out. He runs over and as he his handing me his tooth, with blood on his lips he says, "Look Mom now I get money!!" Steve told him yesterday that the tooth ferry would give him $10 if he let him pull it out. Hmmm...the poor tooth ferry is going to be visting around here--I was thinking a dollar sounded good. I guess Cousin Kensie's teeth are worth more.

9:15 first trip to the bathroom

9:17 first water stop, "Mom, I'm all sweat."

9:20 my batteries died...I'll try again tomorrow!


Dallin said...

I love it!!! You do not bribe him...If you tell him that he gets (for example) McDonalds if he goes back out and participates....and he does participate...then you buy him McDonalds when he is done...that is a reward not a bribe. If he says, I'll only participate if I get McDonald's, so you buy it for him so he will...that's a bribe...especially since kids usually don't follow through after they get what they want....

amie979 said...

HAHA I'd prob have to leave my kids there or I'd get so annoyed that they weren't just playing