Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ate our way through Sac today

I'm a little behind at posting things. Blogger upload was not cooperating with me so let's see if I can get current in the next few days!

Cameron and I had a fantastic time in California. On Monday we took off and spent some time by ourselves. Cameron loves Kensie but he also loves to taunt and tease her....it was time for a little break!

So we headed to the Folsom River. There is a cool bridge you can walk across...check out this sign that's posted on both ends of the bridge.

and then there is the view....

When Cameron and I were here last year the water was too high to climb on the rocks so we were so excited when we saw that the water was down.

Steve and Jamie bragged about this sushi restaurant so I had to go and try. Jamie is pregnant so she can't eat raw fish.....I don't know how I would live without sushi for a whole 9 months!

all I am going to say is YUMMY!!!!!

Then we headed back to the pool. What a nice treat everyday to just go and sit and soak up the sun!

Kensie joined us a little while later!

My friend Nancy is a lover of cupcakes. She loves to go and find and try new places. So I went and scouted out 2 that I wanted to try in Sacramento. Unfortunately, one was closed but Cupcake Craving was open and had a nice selection.

When I asked them what their most popular one was she of course said Red Velvet. Everyplace I go to always says that. Why is that?

I'm not a follower so I went with Lemon Boost and Peppermint Patty (I just made up those names because I can't remember what they were called) The lemon one was way to lemony...it had a lemon filling that was too much. The peppermint one was good...not the best I've had but good.

This is my bros and sis-in-laws favorite place. We went here every night....it's just like Menchies in Federal Way. Go try it if you haven't already!

I know you're thinking I'm weird......why would a drug and alcohol counselor go and track down a Marijuana dispensary??? It's fascinating to me that's why!!!! I work with kids every day that are addicted to weed and there are so many people who are fighting to legalize it and are using it as a medicine....alcohol is legal and look at the destruction it causes. UGH....I get so frustrated!!!

Stay tuned for our fun trip home!!!

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