Monday, June 21, 2010

Couponing in California

Is that even a word?

I decided to buy a paper and see what cool coupons CA had to offer. I was super excited when Hip2Save said that the CA region had a $4.00 Coppertone coupon. YEA, that's where I'm at and sure enough I got one!

Look at the loot!! You'll never guess how much. I honestly felt like I was stealing.

Here is the run down:

Diet Pepsi = $3.00 (don't forget the stupid CRV tax .5 per bottle)
Coppertone = .99
3 bottles of Aveeno Body wash = $1.25 each
then minus my coupons = $7.00
my grand subtotal total is..............
Not a bad deal, huh????

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Mama Thompson said...

You're a big freakin' nerd!