Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gunna lose 20 lbs and I mean it!

So, I decided that I need some accountability and who ever reads this you've been nominated!!! Here is the plan I'm counting points, hitting the track everyday at 9 am (if I'm not there then Vic and I have a bike ride planned), and drinking my water. Then every Wednesday I will be weighing in and recording my weight loss on the side bar. My goal is to lose 20 lbs this summer and to get into some sort of exercise routine so when the fall hits I'll be motivated to keep on going. I've lost 110 lbs but somewhere along the way I've lost all motivation and it's starting to sneak back. If you would like to join me I'd love the company.

Wish me luck!!!!


Mama Thompson said...

I'm in! I just want to lose 10...15 really, but I think that's pushing it. Can you tell me how many points I can have...? I've already been doing the exercise thing for the past 3 weeks and am down 2...but I need help in the food department.

Jamie said...

I found out about a lady that is giving a presentation on why interval training is the fastest/best way to lose weight while working out. It's next wednesday, so I'll let you know what I learn! Good Luck!