Monday, June 21, 2010

If everyday could be just like this..........

Todays weather was P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Not to hot, not to windy but just right! We're having a grand time and the thought of driving 12 hours on Tuesday makes me tired just thinking about it. Luckily, Cameron and I have thought of some fun things to do on the way home.....I'll update you later.

The kids have been playing fairly well together. Kensie loves it because Cameron has been playing Cinderella with her and arts and crafts!

Cameron and I headed off to have lunch together...

He's been a pretty good trooper about the whole picture taking thing but I think this picture pushed him over.

I love Palm Trees!

So, what is it about this place that people love??? Vicki, Teri and my Mom all really like it! I had it once in Vegas and was not impressed. I decided to give it another try and still not impressed.

After lunch we headed to the pool for a quick swim before Toy Story 3

Cannon Ball Time

I wish I would have gotten another shot of this....Steve was throwing Cameron around doing back flips.

Burke came over and played with us all day. After the movie we had a delicious BBQ and then headed over to Nuyos for dessert!


Mama Thompson said...

Totally jealous of your aren't going to want to leave come Tuesday:)

Vicki said...

I have to say that I love In-n-Out chocolate shakes and the hamburgers are fine, but totally can pass on their fries. don't have the same taste! =) But you do have to try the shake sometime...delicious!

Stephanie said...

Your vacation looks like so much fun. I agree with you on In N Out. I'm not a big fan either. I'm glad you made it home safely, even though you probably didn't want to leave!