Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's and Other's Lunch

At Cameron's school this year they put on a Mother's and Other's lunch. Cameron got to invite one special person to come in and have lunch with him. The kids even wrote poems to read! 'Other' Grandma was the lucky winner but unfortunately due to some scheduling conflicts that fell through (Mim, if your reading this we love you no matter what....she feels horrible and this post is certainly not to make her feel worse)!!! Luckily, Aunt Vicki is on leave from her knee surgery and she was able to attend.

McDee's nuggets, fries and a chocolate milk = best lunch ever!

Vicki had a great time she and even braved the playground with her cane!!! Thanks Vic!

On a side note: Cameron has no clue that in 8 days he'll be boarding a plane with 'Other' Grandma and Grandpa to head to CA to visit Kensie!!!!!

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Mama Thompson said...

Those chicken nuggets look good...I'm hungry:) Did you say cane???? Awesome...if she really is using one...could you please take a picture:)