Saturday, May 22, 2010

and he's off

Cameron was so excited to go on his "special trip" although he had no clue where or what he would be doing. That morning on the way to school he told his friend about his special trip and that I always pack his clothes in a back pack when he goes with other GG but this time I packed his stuff in a suitcase.

he's already to go!

they finally told him....

Mim called me after they checked in and said Cameron was all smiles and had told her that this was AWESOME!!!!

Yes, you hear my dad telling me that he was giving me his only key to his car. He also told me that Amway people drive real expensive cars so it appears that they make the big bucks....then he goes on to say that he didn't want me driving his car to my handbag show and make it look like I was rolling in the dough. What the Saturn doesn't make everyone think I have buckets and buckets of money. Oh, that's right only people who drive Volvos or Audis have buckets. Right Teri?