Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed time with family & friends while you celebrated the birth of our Savior! This Christmas has been so fun but also so difficult with trying to teach Cameron about the true meaning of Christmas...I know he gets it but sometimes all the "other" stuff gets in the way!

Every year before we open gifts we line up on the stairs and take pictures. One year it's oldest to youngest and then we switch youngest to oldest the next year. This year we grouped together as families...oldest to youngest! My brother-in-law David is 38 days older than me (but who's counting) and since he joined the family I'm not the oldest anymore. Luckily, he was not here this year so I got to enjoy the first step!!! David you were missed, really!!!

Cameron was up at 4:30 that means I was up also. He was not allowed to come downstairs so he tossed and turned and bugged me. At one point I must of dozed of because he came running into my room, "mom, mom the reindeer eat his food and Santa left me geodude!" Finally, at 8:30 we were headed downstairs.

Uncle Nick & Aunt Sharon

Cameron & Mom

Cameron passing out gifts

Cameron & his loot

Aunt Jamie, Uncle Steve & Cousin Kensie

Grandpa & Grandma Anderson

Somehow I did not get a picture of Aunt Vicki but she was there

This year my Mom and Vicki took Cameron shopping to buy me a gift, he was so excited! Cameron told them he wanted to buy me a diamond!!! How cute is that??? Here I am opening in anticipation...

He bought me some great earrings (with crystals...close to diamonds) and a watch!

He also bought me a JOY decoration

Cute little Kensie with her new headband...check out this blog if you would like to purchase one.

To end the wonderful morning we got to call's been 9 months and she is doing great. I was so full of emotion that every time I went to say something to her I cried. Sister Jones is an amazing young woman who is blessing the lives of the people of Germany---way to go!!! Check out her blog I took a video of her testimony in German and 10 seconds of her singing O Holy Night!!!!



Dallin said...

I'm really sad that we weren't there...:( But it looks like such fun. Nice work on connecting all the websites to your blog!

Riley Family said...

Merry Christmas to you all! Thanks so much for sharing the phone call with Christi on her blog. I loved it!!!!