Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snow, Smiles & Sushi

Cousin Kensie finally got to play in the snow with her cousin Cameron!

So, cute all bundled up...I should of had Uncle Steve pick up a pair of boots in California and bring them here...he said the supply at Target was quite large...go figure! I spent a day and a half looking for boots for Cameron and could only find a pair that were $59.00! Forget it!!!

Uncle Steve went out and had a snowball fight with the kids. Look at Steve's getup...yes, shorts???

Then it was time for a Mario Cart challenge...Steve was impressed with Cameron's playing ability! Steve gave Cameron a run for his money. When we play I always come in 7th or 8th place.

Today Steve, Kensie, Cameron and I went to's my new favorite thing!! Here are the kids messing around on the ride over.

Cameron decided he wanted shrimp after he ate his first one he said, "these shrimp are dead, I'm eating dead shrimp!" He loved it...he also ate pot stickers, strawberry ice cream and plain rice. We've found our new favorite restaurant!

Kensie tried one too and thought it was pretty tasty!

Sushi is YUMMY!!!!!


Dallin said...

"I'm eating dead shrimp"...better then a live one I guess?!

J and H Hunsaker said...

I love sushi!!! Where is this restaurant???

Keep'n up with the Cameron said...

Heather--this place is over across the street from Costco!!! You can have 4 pieces of tuna nigiri for 2 points!!!!!