Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are they going to take a knife and cut it out?

We found out 4 months ago that Cameron has an extra tooth in his mouth and they needed to pull it. The dentist wanted to let it come down a bit and boy was it an odd looking tooth. Because of the snow we has to reschedule the appointment and this week we finally got it done. Cameron was so brave. I asked him what the gas felt like when they gave it to him and he said, "it made me feel happy!!!" Oh great!
Here is a before pic

Here he is right after he was done...he started to cry and when I asked him what was wrong he said, "my lip is fat and I want it small like the other one." Never complained once about his tooth.

Look at that hole!!!!

I tried to take a pic of the tooth but it did not do it's the strangest looking thing I've seen in a while. The dentist put it in a nice little keep sake tooth box and Cameron decided to write the tooth fairy a note and ask if he could keep the tooth...I wanted to write, "please leave the tooth and show me the money!" He did not agree! The tooth fairy left $2.00!!!!!


The Watson's... said...

I never noticed his tooth! How funny. I'm glad he was okay. I hope his lip is back to normal. : )

Dallin said...

I hate when my side bar doesn't tell that you have updated...I feel so behind. That tooth is freaky...glad it's gone!!!:)