Friday, November 13, 2009

Kissy, Kissy, Kissy cont.

M: Is there a girl who likes you in your class?
C: Yes
M: How do you know?
C: She looks pretty at me.
M: (giggling so hard) she looks pretty at you?
C: Yes (sounding embarrassed), I try not to look at her but I can't help it.
M: Has she ever tried to kiss you?
C: No!!
M: You know you're not allowed to kiss at school, right?
C: Mom, I know that!


Mama Thompson said...

Awesome...I hope I "look pretty at" people too!

I'm glad you are getting excited for the bazaar...I am done making bracelets (I think I have 25) and I am going to do a few more necklaces before I mail you everything. I tried to find some tags to price stuff today...but couldn't find what is in my head...hopefully, I can find some stuff tonight!

Anonymous said...

hahha! cute!

Jennifer said...

i love reading the things cameron and you talk about. it is the highlight of my blog reading.