Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kissy, Kissy, Kissy

I went to a meeting today at Cameron's school. I have to say they've been so supportive and absolutely love my son.....I have not been to focal about what's going on in our world but it's not pretty. Cameron and I are struggling!!! But the good thing is I still have a smile on my face and can still laugh even when I want to cry. My mom asked me last night if I regret my decisions around Cameron (for those that know me know what I'm not talking about) ? I don't regret anything I just never realized how hard this would be. But on a positive note there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm living in the solution today....stay tune we have an appointment on November 30th!!!!!

So, in the meeting today I hear that there is a little girl that has a HUGE crush on Cameron and she passed a note with a picture of her kissing my son. All I could do was laugh and think my son's going to be a lady killer!!! I had to warn the teacher and say that if she goes in for a kiss that Cameron will kiss her back. Don't know if I shared with you or not but I caught Cameron kissing the neighbor girl a month or so ago. He loves to gives kisses to anyone who will kiss him including his cousin ( I don't think I even realized boys existed till I had a boyfriend in the 4th grade for like 2 minutes.

On a side note: I cheated yesterday and went to lunch with some friends. It was a salad bar place so I don't feel that bad but I do feel like I let Teri down....ugh!!!!


Jamie said...

HAHA that is funny!! Sammy is always telling us about who had boyfriends in her class. Rob tries to get her to confess to having a boyfriend but she says that she doesn't.

Don't worry I feel like I have let Teri down too. Sammy received a Taco Bell coupon for her reading so we all went to lunch and then we went to McDonald's yesterday after pictures to reward the kids for cooperating.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're going through a rough time- and yes you're good at putting a smile on your face- I wouldn't have guessed yesterday when I saw you that you were having a hard time. Let me know if I can do anything for you- seriously!!!

Jamie said...

who knew that she was just a "jumping-off" point! He's definitely related to steve :-) Sorry things didn't turn out the way you wanted them to... it will get easier. I love you guys!

Mama Thompson said...

I AM disappointed in you...I'm just saying:)

Jennifer said...

That's ok. After you and I talked about Sushi the other day at Jaime's I immediately went to Blue Island and had eight thousand ichiro rolls.