Friday, November 6, 2009

The Challenge

So, my sister challenged her followers to not eat out for the whole month of November (check it out here). I love to eat out but I hate to spend the money. My first thought was how am I going to go a whole month with no SUSHI?????? I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one but I said I'd try despite my addiction to raw fish!

Side note: I do have 2 eating out functions that were previously planned for the end of the month so I will be attending those!

What I'm most excited about is I'm going to have extra money and my waist line is going to love me. I've put on exactly 12 pounds since Christmas (did I just admit that out loud) and I'm not happy about it....I thought sushi was suppose to be healthy? So, it's time to get rolling downward instead of continuing to climb up!!!! is the main purpose why I'm even writing all this ready????? Since starting this challenge oh 6 days sure your ready??? Well, I've lost 6.5 pounds!!!!! Hallelujah the choir is singing over here!!!!! It's not too late to start the challenge!!! Next month I've challenged my sister to not buy crafts!!!! WOW!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME- Great job! Hey I'll take that challenge as well!

J and H Hunsaker said...

yo go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!