Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 8

I forgot to snap pictures today.....things are moving along. Vicki and my mom have been there almost everyday helping and encouraging me. Vicki has been my lifesaver through this project and has kept me some what sane! Cameron is starting to really love the house....he told me today, 'mom, it's cool this house is yours and mine!' He is making friends and riding his bike non-stop! In the last 2 days the house has transformed........things are getting done! Today all my ceilings were painted, my mom trimmed out the hallway and bathroom. Vicki and I trimmed out a bunch of stuff in the living room/kitchen, my red wall is complete and alot of other little tasks. It's not going to be 100% done before I leave on vacation however, it's really close!!!!!!!! Life is good!

Funny story: Cameron had to go #2 and Vicki was cleaning the bathroom. He kicked Vicki out and went and did his thing. When he came out he said, "man, I made a big, it was bad I had to plug my own nose!' Wow, that is stinky if you plug your own nose!!!!!

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