Thursday, July 23, 2009

and on the 7th day there should be rest.....

Yea right!!!!! Wednesday night and today I had a mental breakdown. I spent 2 hours scrubbing paint off Cameron's floor and crying okay sobbing my eyes out! It's all good....don't feel bad for me I need it and it was a good, no a GREAT turning point! A few hours later I was surrounded by family, all pitching in and helping out. We were laughing, smiling and Vicki kept singing 'Count your many Blessings' and it's true......I've been blessed!

Cameron's room is done....floor to ceiling all new!

Mikey power washed my front porch, back porch and driveway! I also shoved him up in the skylight to and stinky!

Ashley and Kelsey are on vacation and they showed up to paint......guess what??? My room is done too!!!

They are in need of a serious foot scrub! Girls why are you shoeless????

Paul Carlson showed to bring my carpet and fix my floor! The carpet will be laid as soon as the floor is level. He also took all the garbage in my garage and offered to take to dump! Thanks Paul!!!!

Then my dad and two brothers started to put up my fence. It's half way done but I forgot to snap a picture. It looks great!

I'm so blessed with all the family and friends who have been so willing to help me in this adventure. I'm feeling like this project might get done! I'm in desperate need of a pedicure, manicure, haircut, my eyebrows need a thread job and look at those legs!!! UGH!

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Unguren said...

I may be in the dark but what is a thread job?

The house looks like it is coming along nicely.