Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 5

Finally every wall has my colors on it!!!!! Yea!!!! It's amazing what fresh paint can do to a place! This is my living room and I'm in love with the color! The tan wall off to the side will have 2 red rectangles on them, eventually!

Here is my room....the dark wall still needs another coat!

Cameron's room!

I'm getting a new fence. Funny story: The man that lived in the house you can see in the background lost his house....so, he got angry and took his whole fence (hauled off the wood and everything), all his appliances and damaged the inside. Needless to say I need a fence! Keith and Mike came over to dig holes and they were hot and tired!

My fence that I budgeted $200 and it came to $310

My dad working hard

and Cameron made new friends!


Jaime said...

I LOVE the red wall. It looks beautiful!

David said...

looks like we need to teach papa how to mix mud... he's going to hurt his back or something.

Unguren said...

Way to get all of the family involved. Make em work for you...that is the only way to go.

The Snedegers said...

Looks like everything is coming along!!!! I would say it looks fun, but painting and fun for me just don't mix!!!! LOL! Evertyhing looks really good I love the colors! I'm glad you got all the men working hard!

J and H Hunsaker said...

LOVE the red wall fab u lous!!!!!!!!